I Can’t, Windows 10 — WORST BEHAVIOUR

I Can't, Windows 10 -- WORST BEHAVIOUR! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee GET ON NL ART Mailing List http://PAIN.najaamleeart.com Lifestyle Coaching. Healing. Readings http://www.NajaamLee.com **Download To Phone, Live! on http://www.Periscope.tv  @NajaamLee AM I THE ONLY ONE??? NOOOOO!!!!! Ladies and Gents, I was so very excited about the upcoming launch of Windows 10. All the stuff they said…Read more I Can’t, Windows 10 — WORST BEHAVIOUR


Another THURSDAY! by Najaam Lee What a crazy day already... the song " Worst Behaviour "  by DRAKE is my anthem TODAY! drop that beat here> http://youtu.be/HcO6jLim1E4 Shoot, sometimes you gotta get raw and face them and don't back down! Ok let the song take care of that piece of the anger so I can focus…Read more Another THURSDAY!