GOSH!ABOUT: The Bessie Award 2016 Winners!

The 32nd Annual New York Dance and Performance Awards Editor in chief: Najaam Lee Photo credit:  AK47 Division. Did you know about this? *Click that Subscribe Button: https://goshabout.wordpress.com/ Join us on SnapChat: http://snapchat.com/add/GoshAbout Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/GoshAbout =========================================== An exploding night of dance, performances and celebration at the 32nd Annual Bessie Awards For Dance…Read more GOSH!ABOUT: The Bessie Award 2016 Winners!


No not the song, by Kelly Rowland. Although that can be steamy with the right one, lol.But what I'm discussing is Internal Motivation. The push to keep going, no matter what!Where can you get this type of drive?Within YOU first and foremost, because, see, you are the competition to yourself. There is no other. There…Read more MOTIVATION!