Colour YELLOW in Vedic Fashion!

OMG! Hey Goshers, we continue the flow of this series. I want to ask you, what do you think so far? What has stood out to you in this colour series so far? please tell me in the comment box below this post. Your feedback is appreciated ūüôā Quick Announcement: A reminder, we are having…Read more Colour YELLOW in Vedic Fashion!

Colour ORANGE in Vedic Fashion!

OMG! It's all about Tuesday! So let's jump right in. Orange is one of those colours that can get people to buy pretty much anything. Its a powerful colour and should be understood clearly how to wear it and use it. Its a seductive colour if worn right. If you have my book-¬†Discovering Your FIT!,…Read more Colour ORANGE in Vedic Fashion!

Money Monday & The BECKHAMS

OMG! Its Money Monday! Kicking your week off with the chirps of songs filling the air and the sun's rays beaming soothing heat. The signs of Spring fulfilling every moment.   The news is out. Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice of the former band Spice Girls, is opening her first retail store in London. She…Read more Money Monday & The BECKHAMS

WARRIOR Fashion!

Y'all Gonna Learn Today! OMG! With what happen yesterday on Patriots Day in the city of Boston,¬†Massachusetts(my new hometown), Fashion and Art are my choice of weapons to stand up and fight back! With the talks of¬†Communism,¬†terrorism, explosives, Bombs... I want to bomb back with Warrior Fashion!¬†People Died, People were¬†injured, People Are Scared... a serious…Read more WARRIOR Fashion!

Stop Squeezing In KIM

OMG! Kim Kardashian out and about in Beverly Hills, Ca wearing(or squeezing) a colour block of Black on top and¬†turquoise¬†at the bottom. _____________________________________________________________ Lets chat about this look, and all the other looks I have been seeing her wear and its so NOT flattering. As a pregnant woman your body type changes, what you would…Read more Stop Squeezing In KIM

Get The Power LOOK!

OMG! Its Money Monday!!! Good morning #VedicDolls and #Poshies, Its all about the colour of power today for Money Monday and we want to make a power statement today using one main colour in the look. That colour is Green. I call it ' Spring Power Green ' because it has a softness about it…Read more Get The Power LOOK!

Friday BEEF!

OMG! Every Friday we will be bringing a rant or beef that just got under our skin and gotta talk about it. This Friday's Beef is with VOGUE! I know, what can I possibly have against Vogue this week. It's their new cover of the First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. This cover is the new…Read more Friday BEEF!