Hey Goshers! We are closing GOSH!ABOUT PUBLICATIONS for a few weeks as we are going on vacation, but also creating new stories and articles that you will definitely enjoy. Lookout for our Coming Back post in a few weeks. Thank you so much for your continued support as we grow, expand and rise. Have an…Read more GOSH!ABOUT: GOING ON VACATION !!!


She Needs REST!

" ... Beyonce needs some rest. She has been going, going, going, for about ..."

New York Wrap UP!

New York Wrap UP! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee HURRY! Get your RAW Tickets here: http://goo.gl/PHEioP   Back in Bean-town and on the run, but I wanted to wrap up my business-vacation in New York with you. Trust me, I had a great time and was able to cover a lot of ground in the…Read more New York Wrap UP!

Summer Fun in NEW YORK CITY! Day 1

Summer Fun in NEW YORK CITY! Day 1 By Najaam Lee http://www.Najaamlee.com Tickets on SALE NOW for my art show at RAW ARTISTS. Get tickets here: http://goo.gl/PHEioP Hey My Beautiful GOSHERS! OMG! Ok I am in NEW YORK for a little summer fun and summer business! Gotta network, see places and get the low down…Read more Summer Fun in NEW YORK CITY! Day 1

Do You See The Sun? I’m On VACA!

Do You See The Sun? I'm On VACA! by Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Tickets on Sale NOW http://www.rawartists.org/najaamlee   Okay guys, confession. July hit and the sun raised up and the warmth is soothing my body. I'm on vacation. Hahahah... Even though Im on vaca, I'm still working -- ugh... But its cool, gotta…Read more Do You See The Sun? I’m On VACA!