Instead Of A Summer Fling – Get DIL!

Instead Of A Summer Fling - Get DIL - Drunk- In- Love Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART  Join The Movement @ Girls Girls Girls Summer is around the corner and we are all in the running to get our bodies back in shape after a serious  winter BLUBBER! Amen --- including me.…Read more Instead Of A Summer Fling – Get DIL!

Friday BEEF!

OMG! This is my Friday Beef-- Spring Fling! (well a gentle!) ________________________________________________________ Everyone is getting ready for summer. The gym memberships are stacking up, the swimwear section is depleting and salads are being shredded down your bellies. All For What? SPRING FLING(S) Wooops! Did I just let the cat out of the bag. Cut…Read more Friday BEEF!