What If You Never Marry? What Then?

What If You Never Marry? What Then? by Najaam Lee This is a question I posed to myself all the time and now I ask you, What If You Never Marry? What Then? In the land we live in, marriage has been the fairy tale dream of all dreams. That Cinderella type story of Prince…Read more What If You Never Marry? What Then?

Retna … Retna … RETNA!

Retna ... Retna ... RETNA! by Najaam Lee   Back in the grind! #MoneyMonday Wednesday is Hey Naj?! ...don't miss out on Episode 2 on http://www.youtube.com/user/vedicimage Today's post is all about Retna! Who is Retna? Smashing hits in the art world, Retna, born in Los Angelos, CA. is a legend graffiti artist of the 1990s'…Read more Retna … Retna … RETNA!


Another THURSDAY! by Najaam Lee What a crazy day already... the song " Worst Behaviour "  by DRAKE is my anthem TODAY! drop that beat here> http://youtu.be/HcO6jLim1E4 Shoot, sometimes you gotta get raw and face them and don't back down! Ok let the song take care of that piece of the anger so I can focus…Read more Another THURSDAY!

The More You Research…

The More You Research... by Najaam Lee Divas For The CURE! When you're given a diagnosis, such as Breast Cancer, one of the first emotions to step forward is shock. A feeling of how, why, and the why me emotions play major. Uncontrollable anxiety, fear and then a bit of dumbness slide in as well.…Read more The More You Research…

Check Out These Shoes I GOT!

Check Out These Shoes I GOT! by Najaam Lee Divas For The CURE!   The weekend is upon us again and we just cannot forget about looking good and well-put together when we have Breast Cancer or any other illness/or dis-ease. RIGHT? I know feeling sick can make you not dress up or even go…Read more Check Out These Shoes I GOT!

Awareness Is KEY! October Is Breast Cancer Month

Awareness Is KEY! October Is Breast Cancer Month by Najaam Lee ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This October at GOSH!About, we will be highlighting Breast Cancer all month through. Answering questions, doing interviews, posting hot topics on breast cancer, and showcasing an art performance piece by yours truly. Please join us this month along with couple of my associates…Read more Awareness Is KEY! October Is Breast Cancer Month


Double TUESDAY! OMG! Janelle Monae to hit the Minkoff Runway! Yes that's right. She will be singing - Live, her Electric Lady song for the runway. This must be spectacular for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York,  plus Janelle is the newest cover girl as well. Slam Dunk!   Fashion Week kicks off this week…Read more Double TUESDAY!

It’s Wedding Season and Honeymoons!

It's Wedding Season and Honeymoons! OMG It is the most jam packed time of the year, when the phones and requests ring off the hook. Its Wedding Season ya'll. Every bride and their mama are looking for makeup artists, hair stylists to make their due last a lifetime. Makeup trials are scheduled on top of…Read more It’s Wedding Season and Honeymoons!

The BIG News Is OUT!

The BIG News Is OUT! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OMG! I am so excited by this announcement Goshers that it has brought tears to my eyes. Its a new evolution of myself and my company The Vedic Image Group and being on the edge of the wave of internet space. And I am so happy to bring this…Read more The BIG News Is OUT!

Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion!

Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion! OMG!! Hey Everyone. As we proceed onto the next colour in the series in Colours in Vedic Fashion. Let's get into a few announcements first, then cover the new colour. Makeup. Makeup. its all about Makeup. We are booking right now, makeup sessions. Get your appointment today. click the link: http://goo.gl/guB6e fill…Read more Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion!