Money Monday & The BECKHAMS

OMG! Its Money Monday! Kicking your week off with the chirps of songs filling the air and the sun's rays beaming soothing heat. The signs of Spring fulfilling every moment.   The news is out. Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice of the former band Spice Girls, is opening her first retail store in London. She…Read more Money Monday & The BECKHAMS

Friday BEEF!

OMG! TGIF! Today's Friday Beef is on the News Media. Yes! I got beef with journalists who are anchors of the station. The ones you see every morning, afternoon, evening and late night news. This is an OMG Moment!  So, I'm watching the morning news and lo and behold my eyes went into bulging attack.…Read more Friday BEEF!

Get The Secret To Victoria’s Runway Walk Training BOSTON

Get The Secret To Victoria's Runway Walk Training BOSTON Wednesday, October 3, 2012 from 2:15 PM to Cambridge, MA | Cambridge Hyatt Regency Sign up for " Get The Secret To Victoria's Runway Walk" Training Class Now and land your next runway- catwalk audition. Remember if Kate Moss can do it, Naomi Campbell can do…Read more Get The Secret To Victoria’s Runway Walk Training BOSTON

You desire that Great CHANGE!

Hi Poshies. Happy Martin Luther King Day! The Mission is to keep pushing! Ok its on... Loads of things are coming together. Loads of surprises too. Its already the 3rd week of 2012. And I feel I have jumped on a race car track and running at the speed of light---- or much close to…Read more You desire that Great CHANGE!

Are You Really A MODEL?

In today's post, I pose a question: Are You Really A Model? What does it take to be a model? is it the clothes, hair, makeup? or is it the ability to express the brand or product of company and sell it? I have come across ALOT of portfolios, and helping new face models develop…Read more Are You Really A MODEL?

“Make Love To The CAMERA”

Attention: Models, Actors, Business Professionals, PR and CEOs ! Hello! I am so very excited to anounce our New LIVE Event, 'Born To Be TOP MODEL Seminar' This event is in demand. Many of you have asked questions on how to take your public image, your career to the Next Level, and I have listened and…Read more “Make Love To The CAMERA”