Is Kid Cudi Renewed??

New Album. New Look On LIFE! Editor in chief: Najaam Lee Photo credit: Google/ GOSH!ABOUT Did you know about this? *Click that Subscribe Button: http://www.GoshAbout.comĀ  Join us on SnapChat: Follow us on Instagram: ========================================== Kid Cudi has been away from the public eye for some time, but recently returned with a brand new…Read more Is Kid Cudi Renewed??

Chris Brown WON’T LEARN!

Chris Brown WON'T LEARN! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Sign up and Join The Movement:   Back on it Thursday! Okay. I think I can speak for many of us when we say "We are tired of hearing about Chris Brown's antics!" Like, when will YOU LEARN? Seriously. We all have been rooting for…Read more Chris Brown WON’T LEARN!