You desire that Great CHANGE!

Hi Poshies. Happy Martin Luther King Day! The Mission is to keep pushing! Ok its on... Loads of things are coming together. Loads of surprises too. Its already the 3rd week of 2012. And I feel I have jumped on a race car track and running at the speed of light---- or much close to…Read more You desire that Great CHANGE!

Why New Faces DEVELOPMENT? …

** Perfect for Models, New Faces ** Models are not born perfect or fully skilled to pose the perfect picture or strut the runway. They are coached and created into the ideal look, appearance that will be marketable. Models are Brands.Therefore, every New Face has to be coached and developed, becoming the package that can…Read more Why New Faces DEVELOPMENT? …

Caught In A SPELL

SpellBound In A Serious Love Triangle for Vogue US July 2011 Issue ... Hey Everyone, Najaam here. I am looking out the window of a cafe as I write you this morning. It's amazing at what you can see in the early morning sun. Anyway, I am prepping for the SSSP 2011- Summer Signature Style…Read more Caught In A SPELL

Don’t Call Naomi or Any Other Coloured Woman “Chocolate” in your AD!

  Oh My Gosh! I can’t believe this is still happening. Sneaking, racist shots in ad campaigns have to seriously stop, and I’m in agreement with this article. Cadbury Chocolates had the nerve to put this out >>> Well, this ad got Naomi so pissed, her mom, and many, many coloured women around the world,…Read more Don’t Call Naomi or Any Other Coloured Woman “Chocolate” in your AD!