The Love Of My Life Is……..

The Love Of My Life Is........ OMG! Yes ladies and gents, a special someone has snatched my little  fashion heart up! That's right. I know you are wondering.. who could this be. LOL I am dancing in my pants. hahahah So, before I let the cat out of the bag, here are some cool announcements which you…Read more The Love Of My Life Is……..

Catch Onto The RAINBOW!

Catch Onto The RAINBOW! OMG! It's been an early day here at VIG..much is going on, and here are the announcements If you haven't yet, the time is now to empower your life and accomplish the goals you set out for this year- 2013. Empower Your Life >> click here to receive all details: Have…Read more Catch Onto The RAINBOW!

Weird Wednesday

Weird Wednesday OMG!   Hey Ladies and Gents.. Okay so my work-vaca will be wrapping soon... BUT We got today, Weird Wednesday to check in and see what's going on. One thing that's weird that I want to point out is Rachel Zoe and baby #2. Yes, it's weird to me because ..... Let me…Read more Weird Wednesday

Money Monday!

Money Monday! OMG!   Happy Monday. Hope you had a cool weekend. July 4th, Fire Works, is around the corner. What will you be doing? Tell us below in the comment box. Would love to hear 🙂 Last night was the BET 2013 Music Awards, held in LA. Did you catch it? Whom I want…Read more Money Monday!

OOTD Thursday and Preview!

OOTD Thursday!   OMG! I got a review for you on a Just Fab shoes! Great style for all year outings to somewhere special. From Cocktails to formal dinners to everything in between. Check out the video below   Preview to Friday Beef! Dark Girls via OWN   Its Here.. Get in on it now……Read more OOTD Thursday and Preview!

Money Monday… What to wear for an important dinner?

OMG! It's Money Monday! ... What to wear for an important dinner? Going to an important dinner. Don't know what to wear. Quick Announcement: Free Sign up for more info on Summer 13 Lifestyle Coaching Program, click here Dinner is usually a 4 or 5 course meal. Its a process and series of mini sessions to…Read more Money Monday… What to wear for an important dinner?


Wicked WEDNESDAY! OMG! Yep! another new title for our Wednesdays called Wicked Wednesday wear we want to inspire you to do something different, even for 1 hour or 1 day. Think you are up for the challenge? Ok good 🙂 Let's have some fun. Summer is here, and I think why not introduce your wardrobe…Read more Wicked WEDNESDAY!


OMG! Double TUESDAY! Hey Goshers! We have a new post title for Tuesdays called Double Tuesday, which I will be posting anything from the latest sales, deals, to anything else fun and having Two of them is better. So let's get into it! Ooo quick sale happening on Amazon is Discovering Your FIT! go buy…Read more Double TUESDAY!

Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!

Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP! OMG! We are finally here. And I had a BLAST doing this amazing series! Go check out the videos on Colours in Vedic Fashion for my personal tips. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here .  For the Announcements: Since this wrap up, My Friday BEEF will be posted next Friday,…Read more Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!

Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion!

Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion! OMG!! Hey Everyone. As we proceed onto the next colour in the series in Colours in Vedic Fashion. Let's get into a few announcements first, then cover the new colour. Makeup. Makeup. its all about Makeup. We are booking right now, makeup sessions. Get your appointment today. click the link: fill…Read more Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion!