GOSH! Gosh! GOSH! All Over It- ART RAVE

GOSH! Gosh! GOSH! All Over It- ART RAVE Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART Show - Tickets on sale now at http://goo.gl/N2eFrJ   ART my life.  So many of you either heard or saw postings, but sitting at home in your room doing nothing is a BORE! You gotta have art in your life - Immediately…Read more GOSH! Gosh! GOSH! All Over It- ART RAVE

Why I Dis-Like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week This Season…

Why I Dis-Like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week This Season... OMG!   Hey Goshers! Yes! I so know.. Fashion Week is like " Gone with the Wind! " and child, I am so over it. Look, for all coverage since Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has taken over a new position when it comes to talk, share,…Read more Why I Dis-Like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week This Season…


Double TUESDAY! OMG! Janelle Monae to hit the Minkoff Runway! Yes that's right. She will be singing - Live, her Electric Lady song for the runway. This must be spectacular for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York,  plus Janelle is the newest cover girl as well. Slam Dunk!   Fashion Week kicks off this week…Read more Double TUESDAY!


Holy GRAIL... OMG! Gray Thursday ... clouds have rolled in and covered the skies... and a great day for Jay Z to be the first ever to premiere his Holy Grail video via Facebook. I got the video here for you to see it! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152026485444206   Join the club: http://members.vedicimage.com Subscribe to…Read more Holy GRAIL…

VMA Wrap Up and Nasty Miley CYRUS!

VMA Wrap Up and Nasty Miley CYRUS! OMG! So unexpectedly I was in NYC and went to some VMA Parties and my partners company went and covered the VMA Show. Well I must tell you that I was extremely happy to meet many fellow artists and entreprenuers but I was HELL-OVER disgusted by Miley Cyrus…Read more VMA Wrap Up and Nasty Miley CYRUS!

It’s Wedding Season and Honeymoons!

It's Wedding Season and Honeymoons! OMG It is the most jam packed time of the year, when the phones and requests ring off the hook. Its Wedding Season ya'll. Every bride and their mama are looking for makeup artists, hair stylists to make their due last a lifetime. Makeup trials are scheduled on top of…Read more It’s Wedding Season and Honeymoons!


Missing MCQUEEN OMG! Happy #Friday Everyone. Today's topic is about missing Lee. I miss him. I miss the great creative energy of Lee McQueen, Alexander McQueen. When a brilliant creative energy leaves so drastically from this earth plane, a particular void can be felt from time to time, and I'm feeling it now, once again.…Read more Missing MCQUEEN

The BIG News Is OUT!

The BIG News Is OUT! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OMG! I am so excited by this announcement Goshers that it has brought tears to my eyes. Its a new evolution of myself and my company The Vedic Image Group and being on the edge of the wave of internet space. And I am so happy to bring this…Read more The BIG News Is OUT!

Money Monday with Marilyn MONROE!

Money Monday with Marilyn MONROE! OMG! Have you seen the new WWD with Marilyn Monroe's new product campaign for Big Sexy Hair? Check out these sexy photos for the ads! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ lll SEE What We Have Going On : * Click Here to Follow our Video Series in conjunction with Colour in Vedic Fashion Remember Born To Model Summit! Purchase Your…Read more Money Monday with Marilyn MONROE!

My Friday BEEF: The VERDICT Is IN!!!

My Friday BEEF: The VERDICT Is IN!!!   OMG! Hey its My Friday BEEF! Let's get straight into it. I am so appalled by the verdict of Zimmermann being NOT GUILTY for MURDERING an innocent boy- Trayvon Martin. He basically got away with Murder. I somehow knew within that in America here they would let…Read more My Friday BEEF: The VERDICT Is IN!!!