Wicked WEDNESDAY! OMG! Yep! another new title for our Wednesdays called Wicked Wednesday wear we want to inspire you to do something different, even for 1 hour or 1 day. Think you are up for the challenge? Ok good ūüôā Let's have some fun. Summer is here, and I think why not introduce your wardrobe…Read more Wicked WEDNESDAY!


OMG! Double TUESDAY! Hey Goshers! We have a new post title for Tuesdays called Double Tuesday, which I will be posting anything from the latest sales, deals, to anything else fun and having Two of them is better. So let's get into it! Ooo quick sale happening on Amazon is Discovering Your FIT! go buy…Read more Double TUESDAY!

Dressing For An Interview?

OMG! Dressing For An Interview? It's #Money Monday! and how fitting is the title. As the economy picks up there have been many job openings happening everywhere. What is kinda sad or disappointing is the lack of ambitious people out there that show up to job interviews looking like the rolled out of bed! What's…Read more Dressing For An Interview?

Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion!

Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion! OMG!! Hey Everyone. As we proceed onto the next colour in the series in Colours in Vedic Fashion. Let's get into a few announcements first, then cover the new colour. Makeup. Makeup. its all about Makeup. We are booking right now, makeup sessions. Get your appointment today. click the link:¬†http://goo.gl/guB6e¬†fill…Read more Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion!

My Friday BEEF! “Fake People”

omg!!! My Friday BEEF! "Fake People" It's Friday. A very raining late afternoon and I'm watching the rain come down. Beautiful. I love it. So today's Friday Beef is " What Ticks Me OFF About FAKE People ". That's right. I've had enough and this may turn into a 2 part series. Will see. But…Read more My Friday BEEF! “Fake People”

Colour BROWN in Vedic Fashion!

Colour BROWN in Vedic Fashion! OMG! Hey Its Tuesday! How's everyone? I hope you are enjoying the series and getting a lot out of it. Give us some feedback in the comment box below. If you have any questions about wearing any of these colours, write it in the comment box below. Brown is an…Read more Colour BROWN in Vedic Fashion!

Colour PURPLE In Vedic Fashion!

OMG! As I continue the¬†Colour¬†in Vedic Fashion, if you go onto http://www.youtube.com/user/vedicimage for all the video coverage on Colours and Styling. HEY Quick announcement: I am holding a¬†MEET & GREET June 21, 2013. Go now and get your FREE ticket¬†http://BTMSmeetandgreet.eventbrite.com Lets get into the¬†Colours of Vedic Fashion¬†and their meanings. What would be the best¬†colour¬†for you…Read more Colour PURPLE In Vedic Fashion!