Editor in chief: Najaam Lee Photo & Video Credit:  Vevo Music/Youtube *How To Stay Connected??? Click that Subscribe Button: http://www.GoshAbout.com  Join us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/GOSHABOUT/ Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/GoshAbout ========================================== NO FRAUDS BY Nicki Minaj/Drake/Lil Wayne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkXjvHfP3MM This video is not overly crowded. Quite simple and you are able to focus on the lyrics and…Read more GOSH!ABOUT: VIDEOS This Week We “”

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Barbz! Nicki Is On Top AGAIN!

Barbz! Nicki Is On Top AGAIN! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART is looking for a sweet home to inspire. Shop now http://mkt.com/shopnlart Last night, Nicki Minaj opened up her heart and truly gave a inner perspective of her life. My Time AGAIN was showing how she has matured as an artist, as a…Read more Barbz! Nicki Is On Top AGAIN!

Nicki Drops The Pinkprint MOVIE!!!

Nicki Drops The Pinkprint MOVIE!!! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Nicki Minaj not only released her latest album, The Pinkprint. Tonight, 11pm eastern she dropped The Pinkprint Movie, which depicts certain events through chosen songs from her new cd. Watch the movie below, and Like this post! ### As always, MORE is to come so…Read more Nicki Drops The Pinkprint MOVIE!!!

Music Review: The PinkPrint Deluxe

Music Review: The PinkPrint Deluxe Editor in Chief- Najaam Lee See Art?  http://mkt.com/shopnlart Trinidad born- Jamaica, Queens NY raised, Nicki Minaj officially released her anticipated album, The Pinkprint, on December 15, 2014 and I must say this, Nicki poured it out onto the music. Her album is a HIT! Its a must get life story album. Let…Read more Music Review: The PinkPrint Deluxe

UPDATE: Nicki Minaj Breaks Down The Meaning & Apologizes to…

UPDATE: Nicki Minaj Breaks Down The Meaning & Apologizes to... Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Hold ya'll horses before you jump me. Lol! Nicki has issued out a statement! The rapper took to Instagram to defuse the situation and issue an apology. What seems to be the issue now? Do you have a problem with me…Read more UPDATE: Nicki Minaj Breaks Down The Meaning & Apologizes to…

Snow Brings Out The CRAZY!

Snow Brings Out The CRAZY! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee LOL. I'm like WTF with all these different headlines on this crazy snow day. Let's chat shall we Ok Nicki Minaj busted out with a new single and the promotion, check it Ok, yes its very strong. Yes even powerful. And yes it could be…Read more Snow Brings Out The CRAZY!

Catch Onto The RAINBOW!

Catch Onto The RAINBOW! OMG! It's been an early day here at VIG..much is going on, and here are the announcements If you haven't yet, the time is now to empower your life and accomplish the goals you set out for this year- 2013. Empower Your Life >> click here to receive all details: Have…Read more Catch Onto The RAINBOW!

Friday BEEF! MC vs NM

OMG! Its my Friday BEEF! Mariah Carey vs Nicki Minaj and the entire American Idol. This BEEF is going to be dirty. Warning. So lets say this as Little Wayne did" ... see you different when you get in front of da camera. Just a few minutes before this you was da real you!...." And…Read more Friday BEEF! MC vs NM

Friday BEEF!

OMG! Every Friday we will be bringing a rant or beef that just got under our skin and gotta talk about it. This Friday's Beef is with VOGUE! I know, what can I possibly have against Vogue this week. It's their new cover of the First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. This cover is the new…Read more Friday BEEF!

Nicki Minaj Evolving LOOK!– Do You Like It?

OMG! Hey my poshies!  Back from a long 4th weekend of rest and some work. I came across this article about Nicki Minaj eveolving new look. From Starship to Pound The Alarm .....wwwwwwoooopppps.... RING THE ALARM??? Ooops Miss Beyonce track right? hmmmmm who's copying whom? I'd like to know. But back to the look. Nicki's…Read more Nicki Minaj Evolving LOOK!– Do You Like It?