Friday BEEF!

OMG! Every Friday we will be bringing a rant or beef that just got under our skin and gotta talk about it. This Friday’s Beef is with BRAVO TV'S NEW SHOW " FASHION QUEENS ".   Yes! This is a major tug at my heart core this week. Girlfriend, let me tell you this show better be replaced…Read more Friday BEEF!

Know Your Body Type Can Keep You ALIVE!

OMG! ** Join me on Black Friday For Immediate Release Knowing Your Body Type Can Keep You Alive, Says Author of New E-Book. New York’s Top Leading Image Guru in Vedic Styling, Najaam Lee Delivers a Winning Guide to Discovering One’s Body Type. Boston, MA, November 19th , 2012:  Discovering Your FIT is the ultimate…Read more Know Your Body Type Can Keep You ALIVE!

Versace and H&M

I am 'loving' this connection of Versace + H&M. OMG!!! Hello? Do you know what this means? NO? then watch the video below, over 10,000 views already. So this is serious business... Are you seeing the big picture now? OK! Tell me what piece do you want right now? Tell me below: ~~~ Quick reminder,…Read more Versace and H&M

NEW Home.. Come on over!!

  YEP!!! GOSH!About: has a new- fabulous home. You are ALL INVITED to come on over, hang out, have some drinks, chat >> Also have a new area for Guest Writers to do their thang! OOOHHH! this is so Awesome! It’s been in the building stages for sometime and now its up.. some decorating is…Read more NEW Home.. Come on over!!

Bring GOSH!About To

Hi Everyone, Here at Vedic, we are doing a bit of a transformation with GOSH! starting with the change of website. We will no longer be starting June 1st 2011. We will Officially launch our new blog location to More to come... The TEAM at Vedic