GOSH!ABOUT: What PAIN??? Editor in chief: Najaam Lee http://www.Najaamleeart.com http://www.NajaamLee.com Read ME! SUBSCRIBE NOW http://pain.najaamleeart.com http://WWW.NAJAAMLEEART.COM Najaam Lee, NL ART will be showing her new art series Pain this season. Please sign up on the RSVP LIST to recieve all details, times, locations, giveaways and more! http://pain.najaamleeart.com #PaintSCPainAway #PaintSCPainAway #PaintSCPainAway #ArtistswithSickleCell #ArtistswithSickleCell #ArtistswithSickleCell @POTUS @HuffingtonPost…Read more GOSH!ABOUT: What PAIN???

Friday GOSH!: Jamian Juliano-Villani’s Painting Compulsion

Friday GOSH!: Jamian Juliano-Villani's Painting Compulsion Editor in chief: Najaam Lee http://www.NajaamLeeArt.com http://www.NajaamLee.com TGIF!!! So to kick off the weekend lets get into some art by Jamian Juliano Villani on ART21 "New York Close Up" I really dig how she does her art..her process, and she just gets all into it and the final product…Read more Friday GOSH!: Jamian Juliano-Villani’s Painting Compulsion

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GOSH!ABOUT: The NL ART Experience!

GOSH!ABOUT: The NL ART Experience! http://www.NajaamLeeArt.com http://www.NajaamLee.com This season is a major deal for me, Najaam Lee. My art is taking precedent and revealing another side of me that I've kept private for awhile. Till few years ago, I made a decision to go full out. Not to look back, and just go after my…Read more GOSH!ABOUT: The NL ART Experience!