Editor in chief : Najaam Lee Bring out the art, http://mkt.com/shopnlart Happy Monday yall. This week we kick off an uplifting online project call LOVE WEEK. It will fill you up and motivate you to go all out. To Love yourself by increasing your Confidence and raise your Self Esteem. LOVE WEEK is for everyone.…Read more GOSH! ABOUT : Its Love WEEK!

Monday Motivation: Go HARD!

Monday Motivation: Go HARD! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Art is Life.. Check it out here: http://mkt.com/shopnlart Life can hit you very hard and take the very breath away from you. We can get down, have very lows for days and weeks on end. Its a feeling we really hate, but yet embrace for way…Read more Monday Motivation: Go HARD!


No not the song, by Kelly Rowland. Although that can be steamy with the right one, lol.But what I'm discussing is Internal Motivation. The push to keep going, no matter what!Where can you get this type of drive?Within YOU first and foremost, because, see, you are the competition to yourself. There is no other. There…Read more MOTIVATION!