It’s My Friday BEEF!

It's My Friday BEEF! OMG! It's Friday...TGIF Well I have some beef this week and I'm going to spill my guts out and see it fuel into flames on this blog screen. lol... Let's get into it. Today's Friday BEEF is on MEN & Their Antics! CHEATER> Yesterday your girl got into a car accident.…Read more It’s My Friday BEEF!

Friday BEEF!

OMG! Its Friday- TG! and its soo much happening already this week. ¬†Yoga breath..ooommmm. Now my Friday Beef! Ok so I don't know if you heard all the 'mush' surrounding Jada and Will Smith, or shall I say Jada Pinket & Will Smith. Now, everyone is entitled to how they live their lives as husband…Read more Friday BEEF!