My Friday BEEF: The VERDICT Is IN!!!

My Friday BEEF: The VERDICT Is IN!!!   OMG! Hey its My Friday BEEF! Let's get straight into it. I am so appalled by the verdict of Zimmermann being NOT GUILTY for MURDERING an innocent boy- Trayvon Martin. He basically got away with Murder. I somehow knew within that in America here they would let…Read more My Friday BEEF: The VERDICT Is IN!!!

Its Double TUESDAY!

OMG! BIG Announcements: Its Here.. Get in on it now... How to Empower-Power Your Life This Summer... click here M.I.A. is in the HOUSE!!! Back with a new single -- Bring The Noize.. watch it here Finally Back! Sorry for the absence ūüė¶ Here we go! Its Double TUESDAY! Its been a crazy week for…Read more Its Double TUESDAY!

Dressing For An Interview?

OMG! Dressing For An Interview? It's #Money Monday! and how fitting is the title. As the economy picks up there have been many job openings happening everywhere. What is kinda sad or disappointing is the lack of ambitious people out there that show up to job interviews looking like the rolled out of bed! What's…Read more Dressing For An Interview?

Colour PINK in Vedic Fashion!

Colour PINK in Vedic Fashion! OMG! This next colour is a hot colour. Besides green and black, I love some PINK! Many ladies and men do love this colour. Pink is cheerful, girlie and soft, delicate and¬†feminine. HEY Quick announcement: I am holding a¬†MEET & GREET June 21, 2013. Go now and get your¬†FREE¬†ticket¬† Lets…Read more Colour PINK in Vedic Fashion!