GOSH! ABOUT: Iggy Said Yes!

Editor in chief Najaam Lee Www.NajaamLeeArt.com Yes. It's officially official. Ring and all. Iggy Azalea, Australian hip hop Artist, is engaged to be married to basketball star Nick Young of the LA Lakers. Check out the bling Congratulations to the happy couple. When's the wedding date? Soon to come... ### As always more to come!

Instead Of A Summer Fling – Get DIL!

Instead Of A Summer Fling - Get DIL - Drunk- In- Love Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART  Join The Movement @ http://www.NajaamLee.com Girls Girls Girls Summer is around the corner and we are all in the running to get our bodies back in shape after a serious  winter BLUBBER! Amen --- including me.…Read more Instead Of A Summer Fling – Get DIL!

Heart. Love. Breast Cancer!

Heart. Love. Breast Cancer by Najaam Lee Divas For The Cure! Hope ya'll had a great weekend. We are kicking the week off with Part 2 of What Are You Afraid Of? If you missed this part, click here now to read it first, in order to understand today's article. In the last post, we…Read more Heart. Love. Breast Cancer!


OMG! Wow... So I'm back in the NY and it feels like my link has connected again. Anyway, I am starting a new series on GOSH!About: and I would like for you to participate and share with others on this journey  of self love in a fashionable way, called "Fashion Happy": a 20 day series…Read more What Makes You FASHION HAPPY?