Should We Feel Sorry For Monica LEWINSKY?

Should We Feel Sorry For Monica LEWINSKY? Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Print Sales >   Should we feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky? After seeing this clip or even the entire speech she gave, do you feel sorry for her? Back in the 90's when Mr. Bill Clinton was president in his second term,…Read more Should We Feel Sorry For Monica LEWINSKY?

Drunk In Love and MORE!

Drunk In Love and MORE! by Najaam Lee Boi and its only Tuesday and Beyonce is heating up the winter with this hot track called " Drunk In Love" featuring her hubby, Jay Z Steamy, seductive, sexy and all grown. You don't believe me? Check it out yourself here: Its Explicit!   And, she also…Read more Drunk In Love and MORE!

It’s Hey Naj?! Wednesday

It's Hey Naj?! Wednesday by Najaam Lee Hey everyone, Sun is out but bitter cold up my way. I think I'm really missing summer now. lol. Today on Hey Naj?! I'm answering your amazing, pending questions. We cover how to get rid of those dark spots and stretch marks and wrinkles. Plus, we talk about…Read more It’s Hey Naj?! Wednesday

JUICY Thursday!

JUICY Thursday! by Najaam Lee Good morning #GOSHers Interesting stories and news happening in Our world this week. Kelly Rowland ENGAGED???! - The horror. Please say it isn't so; and its with her long time manager, Tim Witherspoon, which JUICY Thursday! rumor has it they've been dating off and on over 4 years now. OMG! did…Read more JUICY Thursday!

Retna … Retna … RETNA!

Retna ... Retna ... RETNA! by Najaam Lee   Back in the grind! #MoneyMonday Wednesday is Hey Naj?! ...don't miss out on Episode 2 on Today's post is all about Retna! Who is Retna? Smashing hits in the art world, Retna, born in Los Angelos, CA. is a legend graffiti artist of the 1990s'…Read more Retna … Retna … RETNA!


Another THURSDAY! by Najaam Lee What a crazy day already... the song " Worst Behaviour "  by DRAKE is my anthem TODAY! drop that beat here> Shoot, sometimes you gotta get raw and face them and don't back down! Ok let the song take care of that piece of the anger so I can focus…Read more Another THURSDAY!

What Are Your Thoughts About Breast Cancer?

What Are Your Thoughts About Breast Cancer? by Najaam Lee Divas For The CURE!     For the past 3. 5 weeks, we have been discussing Breast Cancer in many ways and in many forms of expression. And I was thinking that its time to hear from You. What are your thoughts on Breast Cancer?…Read more What Are Your Thoughts About Breast Cancer?

Be Here Tonight 7PM Eastern

Be Here Tonight 7PM Eastern B IN C, performance art piece shows tonight online via  and This is in support of the cause Breast Cancer. Every person that attends this film tonight, it will count as your support for Breast Cancer. Lets see numbers. Please Tweet #PinkUnitesUsAll and Support by coming online tonight…Read more Be Here Tonight 7PM Eastern

Hats ON For Breast Cancer!

Hats ON For Breast Cancer! by Najaam Lee Divas For The CURE! Hey Goshers we are in our 3 week of Breast Cancer Awareness and going strong. I am so proud of my team- Divas For The CURE- for getting articles, postings, photos and tweets to the world. We really pushing, so I invite you…Read more Hats ON For Breast Cancer!

Beauty and Breast Cancer!

Beauty and Breast Cancer! by Najaam Lee Divas For The CURE! Ladies, skin care is such an important part when in the breast cancer zone. I want to introduce you to another affiliate on the Divas For The CURE team and Lapazimageing. Her name is Denise Toledo, a wonderful makeup artist in the industry. Check…Read more Beauty and Breast Cancer!