GOSH!ABOUT: Adding Some Bling To Your Bra!

"... to review a really cool, sexy and bling-bling product that would add to your bra and sheer tops in your closet, plus a little bedroom action... "

An Intimate BIJULES by Jules KIM

OMG! Thanks to A Shaded View for this interview with the star-jeweler Jules Kim, creator of BiJules. You have seen her amazing new dimension of rings on sooo many celebrities, especially Rihanna and Beyonce. This is such awesome futuristic, Matrix effect jewelry that I sooo love and You must have 🙂  Check out this intimate…Read more An Intimate BIJULES by Jules KIM

Fashion Week 2013 Wrap UP! Part 1

OMG! Spring is arriving shortly and the collections from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013 FW is still flashing in my mind. Its remarkable to be among artists. From designers to rappers to reality stars and everyone else in between. We all express our art that week. Displaying our one of a kind creations to the…Read more Fashion Week 2013 Wrap UP! Part 1

CLAWS and All

<<< Don't Miss Out On Our "Summer Signature Style Program" Oh My Gosh! Ok! I am having a "rrrrrr" moment. I came across this article from my friend Miggy >> Miggy Likes The Internet    and saw the claws Beyonce wore in her new video " Run The World". So without further ado, I'm going…Read more CLAWS and All