GOSH!ABOUT: SOS- The Challenge

"...Its about speaking our truths with living with this disease. Its about breaking down the Stereotypes placed on...."

Today! Meet Artist & Activist Najaam Lee On The Social Scene With JZ

Today! Meet Artist & Activist Najaam Lee On The Social Scene With JZ Editor in chief: Najaam Lee Sign up to RSVP LIST for Tickets http://PAIN.najaamleeart.com http://www.NajaamLee.com Today, I'm on live for a interview on Social Scene With JZ podcast. Get inspired by my life, my art - How I've made my Sickle Cell Disease…Read more Today! Meet Artist & Activist Najaam Lee On The Social Scene With JZ

When Stuff Keeps Coming!

When Stuff Keeps Coming! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL Art- http://www.NajaamLee.com Sign Up on the Movement! Well well well, so we all heard and saw the tapes of Solange going 'buck-wild' on Jay Z. Jay really handled himself well and kept his cool. I know if it was any of us in that exact…Read more When Stuff Keeps Coming!

Its A Hey Naj Wednesday!

Its A Hey Naj Wednesday! by Najaam Lee Woohoo! We got a Pope who is actually doing his job as a Pope, and yet he's being criticized for what he's doing. Wow, since when we disrespect a Pope?! Also, we gotta wish the Emperor of Rap-HipHop, Mr. Jay Z Carter, a Happy Birthday!!!! Another famous…Read more Its A Hey Naj Wednesday!


Holy GRAIL... OMG! Gray Thursday ... clouds have rolled in and covered the skies... and a great day for Jay Z to be the first ever to premiere his Holy Grail video via Facebook. I got the video here for you to see it! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152026485444206   Join the club: http://members.vedicimage.com Subscribe to…Read more Holy GRAIL…

MAI Expression

MAI Expression OMG! Today, Lady Gaga peaked my interest in this new performance art video she did with famed performance artist, Marina Abramovic. Marina recently appeared in Jay Z's new performance video called Picasso. I'm telling you alot of unions are happening with the music world and the art world, and its about time. For…Read more MAI Expression

Pick On Someone Your OWN SIZE!

OMG! (be aware, this is Raw talk) Sorry, this has just gone on too long and this needs to be slammed down SILENCED! This whole Jay Z and Beyonce is giving me a Thursday Beef that Friday is just too far away to hold it in any longer. I don't like getting into Politics, but…Read more Pick On Someone Your OWN SIZE!

Bringing Amy Winehouse From The DEAD!

OMG! Hey Goshers! Its a crazy kick of a week for Team Vedic.. OMG did you hear? Watch THIS! Yes, its sooooo on. BORN TO MODEL SUMMIT. Super Excited. You are ALL invited to come and support. A percentage of the sales from Born To Model Summit will go to a charity too. This event…Read more Bringing Amy Winehouse From The DEAD!

Life Is But A Dream… IS IT?

OMG! " .. Forget being cool. I'm a be honest!.. " ______________________________________________________ I had the opportunity yesterday evening to watch Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream documentary. Yes, I missed the showing in February and its been at me to watch. I didn't have any expectations but to simply watch it and see for myself…Read more Life Is But A Dream… IS IT?