GOSH!ABOUT: The Eye Of The Phoenix – SA-ROC

The Eye Of The Phoenix: SA-ROC Drops New Single & New Mix-Tape Editor In Chief: Najaam Lee OMG! I couldn't believe that SA-ROC has finally dropped another mixtape. Its been a serious minute since this amazing, lyrical Hip Hop Artist has been out with new music. This past week she debuted her new single called…Read more GOSH!ABOUT: The Eye Of The Phoenix – SA-ROC

Another DAY!

OMG! Its another day my Goshers. How is is going? This post will be a set of visuals. Sometimes when mid week comes along you need a little motivation to keep pushing. Lets go! Mothers Day is upon us. And at Vedic Image Group we have something very special for you guys as well as…Read more Another DAY!

It’s All True: Naomi Campbell will FACE You!

OMG! It's sooo true. Oxygen has gotten my attention with this new fierce show lead by the ultra famous model,  Naomi Campbell, with Coca Rocha and Karolina KurKova, who will star in the new show called The FACE.happening in February 2013.  Kicking ANTM to the side and bringing real, serious, and blazing dimension to the…Read more It’s All True: Naomi Campbell will FACE You!

The Mop Frock LOOK!

OMG!!! Did you see these amazing Ts'. Get Yours NOW!http://theviglook.spreadshirt.com/  @najaam Ok! I know many of you caught the Betsey Johnson SS13 Show/ Birthday Bash in New York. Her collection spoke volumes all so BETSEY! Mop hair, bright colours mix matched in dresses, fluffy frocks, swim suits, to heavy cute rockers .. the Makeup was thick…Read more The Mop Frock LOOK!


OMG! Thank Allah It's Friday! Poshies this is it. We are making and breaking some new grounds up here in MA. Once the little ones are in school.. our rules will be broken and new records will be made. October will officially make The Vedic Image Group 3 years old and I have been thinking…Read more TGIF!!!

How Do You Be Personal While FAMOUS?

OMG! Hi Poshies! I hope you liked The Wednesday Times that came out yesterday. Read it if you didn't get a chance to because its sooo hilarious. On to today's question. How do you be personal while famous? its a question that comes up a lot from clients I've worked with who were in the…Read more How Do You Be Personal While FAMOUS?

Are You Afraid of WINNING? Are You Blocking Your SUCCESS?

I am afraid _____ …that I won’t be good enough… …of failing… …of starting… …of finishing… …people will laugh at the fat girl with her short skirt… …I’ll never be as good as I once was… …you’ll say “no”… …that it’ll kill me… …that it won’t kill me… …that I’ll get your hopes up… …that…Read more Are You Afraid of WINNING? Are You Blocking Your SUCCESS?

Are You Really A MODEL?

In today's post, I pose a question: Are You Really A Model? What does it take to be a model? is it the clothes, hair, makeup? or is it the ability to express the brand or product of company and sell it? I have come across ALOT of portfolios, and helping new face models develop…Read more Are You Really A MODEL?