Missing MCQUEEN OMG! Happy #Friday Everyone. Today's topic is about missing Lee. I miss him. I miss the great creative energy of Lee McQueen, Alexander McQueen. When a brilliant creative energy leaves so drastically from this earth plane, a particular void can be felt from time to time, and I'm feeling it now, once again.…Read more Missing MCQUEEN

OOTD Thursday

OMG!OOTD Thursday!Hey its a gorgeous day and I am not sitting at this desk long. So we are covering the Outfit-of-The-Day Thursday. Who do I have in mind?  That's right. Olivia Munn in a beautiful tangerine, scalloped dress, perfect for a sunny-warm day in New York. Wearing a nude-peep toe heel. Classic look, no chunky accessories needed.…Read more OOTD Thursday

My Friday BEEF! ” You Can Touch My Hair “… NOT!

My Friday BEEF! " You Can Touch My Hair "... NOT! OMG! Thank GOD/ALLAH/CREATOR/UNIVERSE Its FRIDAY!!! Today I got a Friday Beef for you that's been spinning on my head ALL week. Seriously. And this piece of news has had a little buzz, but this post will bring it to the forefront--just saying. Today's beef is…Read more My Friday BEEF! ” You Can Touch My Hair “… NOT!

Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!

Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP! OMG! We are finally here. And I had a BLAST doing this amazing series! Go check out the videos on Colours in Vedic Fashion for my personal tips. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here .  For the Announcements: Since this wrap up, My Friday BEEF will be posted next Friday,…Read more Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!

Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion!

Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion! OMG!! Hey Everyone. As we proceed onto the next colour in the series in Colours in Vedic Fashion. Let's get into a few announcements first, then cover the new colour. Makeup. Makeup. its all about Makeup. We are booking right now, makeup sessions. Get your appointment today. click the link: http://goo.gl/guB6e fill…Read more Colour GRAY in Vedic Fashion!

Colour WHITE in Vedic Fashion!

OMG! Hey Ladies & Gents Its Double Tuesday!!! Check out the video below after reading today's Colour In Vedic Fashion. We are wrapping up Colours in Vedic Fashion this week. Yea, I know, its coming to an end, but we are putting something special together for all of you to get your hands on– so…Read more Colour WHITE in Vedic Fashion!

Colour BROWN in Vedic Fashion!

Colour BROWN in Vedic Fashion! OMG! Hey Its Tuesday! How's everyone? I hope you are enjoying the series and getting a lot out of it. Give us some feedback in the comment box below. If you have any questions about wearing any of these colours, write it in the comment box below. Brown is an…Read more Colour BROWN in Vedic Fashion!

Why Have A Celebrity Look @ PROM!

OMG! I think imagination has been tossed out the window. Flipping through a magazine is the much easier choice today in finding the exact look you want. " A CELEBRITY LOOK ". So many are just ripping out magazine pages and showing Mom, "this is what I want to look like for Prom". I feel…Read more Why Have A Celebrity Look @ PROM!

Friday NU STUFF!

OMG! Hey Goshers! Its FRIDAY-- TGIF!!! Woohoo. Let's jump right in. Rachel Zoe is the new Chief Stylist at ShoeDazzle, kicking Kim Kardashian out her seat and rolling the competition stakes high against JustFabulous, Creative Director- Kimora Lee Simmons. HELLO!!! The Shoe Competition is ON! Who will win? Check out this video >>> _______________________________________________________________________  …Read more Friday NU STUFF!