THE GODDESS IN US PROJECT Presents Celebrity Image Consultant- Sonya LaRae

"... Check out Celebrity Image Consultant Sonya LaRae on THE GODDESS IN US here to watch"

Holiday BLUES…

Holiday BLUES... by Najaam Lee Happy Money Monday! I wanted to discuss the holiday blues. Every year, around this supposed happy time, disaster, tragedy and unhappiness creeps in like the Grim Reaper! Would you agree? So much of the world are alone from the time Thanksgiving roles in, and Christmas. New Years eve and day…Read more Holiday BLUES…

Its A Hey Naj Wednesday!

Its A Hey Naj Wednesday! by Najaam Lee Woohoo! We got a Pope who is actually doing his job as a Pope, and yet he's being criticized for what he's doing. Wow, since when we disrespect a Pope?! Also, we gotta wish the Emperor of Rap-HipHop, Mr. Jay Z Carter, a Happy Birthday!!!! Another famous…Read more Its A Hey Naj Wednesday!

Awareness Is KEY! October Is Breast Cancer Month

Awareness Is KEY! October Is Breast Cancer Month by Najaam Lee ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This October at GOSH!About, we will be highlighting Breast Cancer all month through. Answering questions, doing interviews, posting hot topics on breast cancer, and showcasing an art performance piece by yours truly. Please join us this month along with couple of my associates…Read more Awareness Is KEY! October Is Breast Cancer Month

Have You Seen UNGARO Lately?

OMG! Have you seen the latest collection from Emanuel Ungaro?   His 2013-2014 Fall/Winter collection is so creatively sophisticated and chique. Mixing of polka dots and leopard print, with mixes of fur with plaid and leopard print. Then from solid blocks of black and white. The dresses designed with an edgy sharp feel. You can…Read more Have You Seen UNGARO Lately?

Friday BEEF!

OMG! Every Friday we will be bringing a rant or beef that just got under our skin and gotta talk about it. This Friday’s Beef is with BRAVO TV'S NEW SHOW " FASHION QUEENS ".   Yes! This is a major tug at my heart core this week. Girlfriend, let me tell you this show better be replaced…Read more Friday BEEF!

Why Have A Celebrity Look @ PROM!

OMG! I think imagination has been tossed out the window. Flipping through a magazine is the much easier choice today in finding the exact look you want. " A CELEBRITY LOOK ". So many are just ripping out magazine pages and showing Mom, "this is what I want to look like for Prom". I feel…Read more Why Have A Celebrity Look @ PROM!

My Christmas OUTFIT?

OMG! Hey Poshies! So the X-mas holiday is sooo around the corner that it isn't funny! Do you have your outfit ready, and put together? NO?!!! Ok! Calm down, you still have some time. Xmas is a warm, cheerful theme with lots of candle lights, tree lights flickering in every room. Which is excellent in…Read more My Christmas OUTFIT?


OMG! Hi Poshies! Another round of invitations for holiday events, parties, dinners, dates ... you name it .. they are ARRIVING. This holiday season book your styling and personal shopping appointments with Vedic Image Group . You want to feel confident and look good, and NOT be left with wearing your red and green knitted sweater…Read more Holiday STYLING — The INVITE!

Its Crazy Money MONDAY!

OMG! Back to business yall !!! LOL How was your weekend? (tell me in the comment box below). I am sooo happy to be back, and writing. As you know, we are working on many, many changes too. Also, very quickly, I have a few seats left at, join me for a group session…Read more Its Crazy Money MONDAY!