Do You See The Sun? I’m On VACA!

Do You See The Sun? I'm On VACA! by Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Tickets on Sale NOW   Okay guys, confession. July hit and the sun raised up and the warmth is soothing my body. I'm on vacation. Hahahah... Even though Im on vaca, I'm still working -- ugh... But its cool, gotta…Read more Do You See The Sun? I’m On VACA!

New on Diane Pernet

New on Diane Pernet Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART coming Summer'14---Sign up and Get the DEETS!   If you don't know Diane Pernet, then you've been MISSING OUT! Diane Pernet is a living legend in the world of Fashion Films. I've been following her work for years now, and continue to be…Read more New on Diane Pernet

Fashion Fridays #2: Rebecca Weinberg

Fashion Fridays: Rebecca Weinberg Editor in Chief- Najaam Lee NL ART Summer 2014 - Sign up   It Fashion Friday #2 and this person inspired me, Rebecca Weinberg. So captured her and her many favourite outfits as Rebecca explains what each piece means to her. Happy Friday, check back next Friday and see…Read more Fashion Fridays #2: Rebecca Weinberg

Fashion Fridays!

Fashion Fridays! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART coming Summer'14... Sign up for the Scoop   We are doing something new here on Gosh! About called " Fashion Fridays! ", where we will show some cool fashions from creative, artistic people through StyleLikeU. Featured this week is a hot new fresh face, Reign…Read more Fashion Fridays!

Summer My BODY!

Summer My BODY! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART in NYC this SUMMER - Join The Movement @   In my last post I spoke on getting that beach body for the summer. I'm going to be revealing some things I am doing to get my body into great shape and strength. Strength…Read more Summer My BODY!

Inspire Me Tuesday – Julie MEHRETU!

Inspire Me Tuesday - Julie MEHRETU! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART: Happy Tuesday! Its a late afternoon here on the East Coast, but I want to quickly inspire you with this amazing Ethiopian abstract artist, Julie Mehretu. Her work is amazing. She utilizes many layers from architectural layouts, black and white, pops…Read more Inspire Me Tuesday – Julie MEHRETU!

Art + Life + Fashion!

Art + Life + Fashion! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee   BE Inspired today! Happy Friday. Today, its simple. Its your life and expressing your life in a creative way through fashion and art is what I want to ignite in you today. So I have selected some awesome clips for you to check out,…Read more Art + Life + Fashion!

Starting A Movement!

Starting A Movement! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee   We are officially live on  aka NL ART. I am so very excited in the direction I'm moving. I guess it has been a long time coming, but in all of it I had to truly find myself and connect back to her, who…Read more Starting A Movement!