Boobs and Food and Keeping Them HEALTHY!

Boobs and Food and Keeping Them HEALTHY! by Najaam Lee Divas For The Cure! Aren't they beautiful? But the outside may look fantastic, but the inside is what we really need to be concern with. Besides doing self-exams or having mammograms, we gotta look at what we are filling up our bodies with. Yes, the…Read more Boobs and Food and Keeping Them HEALTHY!

Colour BLUE in Vedic Fashion!

OMG! Happy Tuesday! Lets get into the Colours of Vedic Fashion and their meanings. What would be the best colour for you to wear ? You are going to find out through this series. You have to understand the colours you wear and how they affect you. Such as your mood, attitude, your energy, as…Read more Colour BLUE in Vedic Fashion!