EXO-K and the World of K-POP!

EXO(K) and the World of K-POP! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Going to RAW Artists - ALLURE SHOW? It's time to buy your ticket(s), click here: http://goo.gl/PHEioP       If you are among young teens of this generation, then you've heard about the craze over K-POP. K-POP is rapidly taking over not only the international…Read more EXO-K and the World of K-POP!


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It’s Hey Naj?! Wednesday

It's Hey Naj?! Wednesday by Najaam Lee Hey everyone, Sun is out but bitter cold up my way. I think I'm really missing summer now. lol. Today on Hey Naj?! I'm answering your amazing, pending questions. We cover how to get rid of those dark spots and stretch marks and wrinkles. Plus, we talk about…Read more It’s Hey Naj?! Wednesday

Colour YELLOW in Vedic Fashion!

OMG! Hey Goshers, we continue the flow of this series. I want to ask you, what do you think so far? What has stood out to you in this colour series so far? please tell me in the comment box below this post. Your feedback is appreciated 🙂 Quick Announcement: A reminder, we are having…Read more Colour YELLOW in Vedic Fashion!