Another Day …. UGGG!

Another Day .... UGGG! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Shop Sales: I didn't watch the BET Awards last night. Quite frankly I forgot and seriously wasn't interested. But, what's got my attention is the crazy beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea happening on social media. I mean we ALL KNOW in the industry…Read more Another Day …. UGGG!

Friday BEEF! MC vs NM

OMG! Its my Friday BEEF! Mariah Carey vs Nicki Minaj and the entire American Idol. This BEEF is going to be dirty. Warning. So lets say this as Little Wayne did" ... see you different when you get in front of da camera. Just a few minutes before this you was da real you!...." And…Read more Friday BEEF! MC vs NM

Friday BEEF!

OMG! TGIF! Today's Friday Beef is on the News Media. Yes! I got beef with journalists who are anchors of the station. The ones you see every morning, afternoon, evening and late night news. This is an OMG Moment!  So, I'm watching the morning news and lo and behold my eyes went into bulging attack.…Read more Friday BEEF!

Pick On Someone Your OWN SIZE!

OMG! (be aware, this is Raw talk) Sorry, this has just gone on too long and this needs to be slammed down SILENCED! This whole Jay Z and Beyonce is giving me a Thursday Beef that Friday is just too far away to hold it in any longer. I don't like getting into Politics, but…Read more Pick On Someone Your OWN SIZE!

Friday BEEF!

OMG! Its Friday- TG! and its soo much happening already this week.  Yoga breath..ooommmm. Now my Friday Beef! Ok so I don't know if you heard all the 'mush' surrounding Jada and Will Smith, or shall I say Jada Pinket & Will Smith. Now, everyone is entitled to how they live their lives as husband…Read more Friday BEEF!

Friday BEEF!

OMG! This is my Friday Beef-- Spring Fling! (well a gentle!) ________________________________________________________ Everyone is getting ready for summer. The gym memberships are stacking up, the swimwear section is depleting and salads are being shredded down your bellies. All For What? SPRING FLING(S) Wooops! Did I just let the cat out of the bag. Cut…Read more Friday BEEF!

Friday BEEF!

OMG! Every Friday we will be bringing a rant or beef that just got under our skin and gotta talk about it. This Friday’s Beef is with BRAVO TV'S NEW SHOW " FASHION QUEENS ".   Yes! This is a major tug at my heart core this week. Girlfriend, let me tell you this show better be replaced…Read more Friday BEEF!