GOSH!ABOUT: GET OUT – Picking Cotton to Save Your LIFE!

Weekend Wrapup! Editor in chief: Najaam Lee  Photo credit: Google/IndieWire Did you know about this? *Click that Subscribe Button: http://www.GoshAbout.com  Join us on SnapChat: http://snapchat.com/add/GoshAbout Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/GoshAbout ========================================== Finally had the chance to see GET OUT by Jordan Peele, this was his directorial debut for a feature film which was made on…Read more GOSH!ABOUT: GET OUT – Picking Cotton to Save Your LIFE!

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Barbz! Nicki Is On Top AGAIN!

Barbz! Nicki Is On Top AGAIN! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART is looking for a sweet home to inspire. Shop now http://mkt.com/shopnlart Last night, Nicki Minaj opened up her heart and truly gave a inner perspective of her life. My Time AGAIN was showing how she has matured as an artist, as a…Read more Barbz! Nicki Is On Top AGAIN!

Nicki Drops The Pinkprint MOVIE!!!

Nicki Drops The Pinkprint MOVIE!!! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Nicki Minaj not only released her latest album, The Pinkprint. Tonight, 11pm eastern she dropped The Pinkprint Movie, which depicts certain events through chosen songs from her new cd. Watch the movie below, and Like this post! ### As always, MORE is to come so…Read more Nicki Drops The Pinkprint MOVIE!!!

New on Diane Pernet

New on Diane Pernet Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART coming Summer'14---Sign up and Get the DEETS! http://www.NajaamLee.com   If you don't know Diane Pernet, then you've been MISSING OUT! Diane Pernet is a living legend in the world of Fashion Films. I've been following her work for years now, and continue to be…Read more New on Diane Pernet

Be Here Tonight 7PM Eastern

Be Here Tonight 7PM Eastern B IN C, performance art piece shows tonight online via https://goshabout.wordpress.com  and http://www.youtube.com/user/vedicimage This is in support of the cause Breast Cancer. Every person that attends this film tonight, it will count as your support for Breast Cancer. Lets see numbers. Please Tweet #PinkUnitesUsAll and Support by coming online tonight…Read more Be Here Tonight 7PM Eastern

Entering Venus & Serena’s ORBIT

OMG! It's another day in the life of Vedic Fashion.. We Goshing About It! lol.. ok soo you must of heard about our Major event that you are ALL invited to attend. Its an exciting time for the Modelling world and Fashion world, which you gotta attend this! Get Tickets here _________________________________________________________ The tennis champs…Read more Entering Venus & Serena’s ORBIT

Life Is But A Dream… IS IT?

OMG! " .. Forget being cool. I'm a be honest!.. " ______________________________________________________ I had the opportunity yesterday evening to watch Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream documentary. Yes, I missed the showing in February and its been at me to watch. I didn't have any expectations but to simply watch it and see for myself…Read more Life Is But A Dream… IS IT?