Grunge Is REBORN

OMG! Grunge is in with a twist. The Block Mag presents FW2012 with really cool pieces from Yamamoto, Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Philip Lim,Viktor & Rolf , and more. Model Katlin captures the theme " Nobody Daughter" in the eyes of photographer Ward Ivan Rafik. more here>  I love the stark contrast of in…Read more Grunge Is REBORN

Goddess Of Gold SANDS Online Ticketing for Get The Secret To Victoria's Runway Walk Training BOSTON powered by Eventbrite OMG! another new day and I am sooo excited because I have MaJor Announcements for all our Poshies who follow GOSH!About and the Vedic Image Group! YES, so stay tune for the next post coming up next after this…Read more Goddess Of Gold SANDS


Ladies listen to me keenly. It is a MUST this Fall 2011 to own a piece of Jean Paul Gaultier, even if its a piece of feather- lol 🙂 I know his prices are high but his collection is amazing this Fall 2011 that is to die-for... but please live to wear it 🙂 His…Read more Got Kissed By JEAN PAUL GAULTIER

Beauty In GOLD

I am dipping into 2009 with today's post. This is from Vogue Gioiello January-February 2009. I am absolutely loving these beauty-photos. Model, Alek Alexeyeva projects a purity that the element gold is known for, and that's why this photo shoot was amazing. The mix of gold & bronze eye shadows on her face brings a sexiness…Read more Beauty In GOLD


OMG! that's what came through my mouth upon viewing Donnatella Versace's masterpiece. Yep! This Versace Fall 2011 Campaign is a MASTERPIECE! I am struck with AWWWWWWEEEEEEEE!!!!! The striking pure gold jewellry pieces are to 'die & live for'. The creative design in detail is a work of art. The shoes, I will leave for the finale.…Read more VERSACE Loves Me!

Wicked EYES! Into the past of April 2011

In today's issue we jump back to a past issue in Vogue Japan April 2011.... **Some cool plans are in the works, please keep checking back here because something special will be announced real soon.... To get your self to the next level, set up a appointment at  and get great results for your image…Read more Wicked EYES! Into the past of April 2011

Step Out Of Her WAY…. Vogue It.

Monday Muse, takes me into a new realm today, through Vogue Italia. Sophistication with a cat's meow, prrrrr. The kitten, Nathalia Oliveira touches each piece, styled by Lorenzo Posocco, with a hint of subtle drama. These pieces are for the woman who is not afraid to say 'get out of my way, you are blocking…Read more Step Out Of Her WAY…. Vogue It.

“Twin Birds of Zen”

<<< Click here and register for the Summer Signature Style Program 2011. Don't delay your success... Cages, colourful birds, sliding doors, whipping hand fans, and gorgeous models, still face, oberservant and mystery written everywhere. Totally INTOXICATING. but we must push through the thick air and see models Myf Shpherd and Zhang Li Na, pirched in…Read more “Twin Birds of Zen”