THE GODDESS IN US PROJECT Presents Expert Digital Marketer, Brandy Kennedy

" ...TODAY, On episode 3, Brandy Kennedy of Chyc Studio shares her story on THE GODDESS IN US PROJECT.. join in now >>>"

GOSH!ABOUT: Broadway Stars & CANY

"... Theater and Therapy with Broadway Stars raising $200,000. and awareness for CANY and..."

Sustainable Fashion At KOTA

Sustainable Fashion At KOTA Editor in chief: Najaam Lee Photo credit: VICE MAGAZINE Decorate your home or office with NLART Lifestyle Coaching/Speaking Engagements Snapchat me @najaamleeart My beauty secrets? !Subscribe to GOSH!About above>>    Follow us on This is a highly anticipated event that is a Must attend. On May 25th at…Read more Sustainable Fashion At KOTA

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GOSH!About: International Women’s Day!

GOSH!About: International Women's Day! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee To kick off Money Monday, we continue to celebrate and acknowledge International Women's Day! Women, it hasn't been that long since we were able to just vote, much less have a very high position in a major corporation. Still we are still struggling and fighting to…Read more GOSH!About: International Women’s Day!

Owning Your POWER!

Owning Your POWER! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART Exhibition Summer 2014- Sign Up Now!   This month Beyonce graces the cover of OUT Magazine with a beautiful Marilyn Monroe look. A topless shot with her hands covering her breasts. Its simple yet a powerful statement. The statement of Power and Ownership. In…Read more Owning Your POWER!


OMG! Its a crazy question yet a serious one; do you own confidence? There is a difference between having it versus owning it. Owning confidence stems from the base chakra, the coiled seat of the serpent, that sits with patience, power, calculation and a thrust of power. This is what the owning portion is in…Read more Do You Own CONFIDENCE?