Double Take Tuesday!

Double Take Tuesday! Editor in Chief - Najaam Lee 2014   The boredom of Social Media at times can be the repeat of news. Yes, we know repetition is what makes a particular news or event popularize. Yet, at times it is straight BORING. Do we need to hear about a news or event a…Read more Double Take Tuesday!

Its Double TUESDAY!

OMG! BIG Announcements: Its Here.. Get in on it now... How to Empower-Power Your Life This Summer... click here M.I.A. is in the HOUSE!!! Back with a new single -- Bring The Noize.. watch it here Finally Back! Sorry for the absence 😦 Here we go! Its Double TUESDAY! Its been a crazy week for…Read more Its Double TUESDAY!


OMG! Double TUESDAY! Hey Goshers! We have a new post title for Tuesdays called Double Tuesday, which I will be posting anything from the latest sales, deals, to anything else fun and having Two of them is better. So let's get into it! Ooo quick sale happening on Amazon is Discovering Your FIT! go buy…Read more Double TUESDAY!