GOSH!About: 2016 FACES Gala Raises Over $5 Million To Support Epilepsy

"...Harrison Ford: my daughter was admitted to NYU Langone to be treated for epilepsy, and she has not had a seizure since the day she left..."

Retna … Retna … RETNA!

Retna ... Retna ... RETNA! by Najaam Lee   Back in the grind! #MoneyMonday Wednesday is Hey Naj?! ...don't miss out on Episode 2 on http://www.youtube.com/user/vedicimage Today's post is all about Retna! Who is Retna? Smashing hits in the art world, Retna, born in Los Angelos, CA. is a legend graffiti artist of the 1990s'…Read more Retna … Retna … RETNA!


Another THURSDAY! by Najaam Lee What a crazy day already... the song " Worst Behaviour "  by DRAKE is my anthem TODAY! drop that beat here> http://youtu.be/HcO6jLim1E4 Shoot, sometimes you gotta get raw and face them and don't back down! Ok let the song take care of that piece of the anger so I can focus…Read more Another THURSDAY!

Banging Past Age 60!

Banging Past Age 60! by Najaam Lee #SelebrateNajART 2014...   Kicking off our week, the well-inspired genius who has inspired so many generations from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and beyond... Some have even stole blatantly from this mega-star and claim as their own. Won't name names - Gaga- but we know who they are. She is definitely…Read more Banging Past Age 60!

Keep Pushing For A Cure – Breast Cancer

Keep Pushing For A Cure - Breast Cancer by Najaam Lee Divas For The CURE! OMG! Ladies ( and my Gents 🙂 ) We Did It!!! The whole month of October dedicated to bringing awareness to Breast Cancer, and I think we did a damn good job ya'll !! If you have been following all articles…Read more Keep Pushing For A Cure – Breast Cancer

What Are Your Thoughts About Breast Cancer?

What Are Your Thoughts About Breast Cancer? by Najaam Lee Divas For The CURE!     For the past 3. 5 weeks, we have been discussing Breast Cancer in many ways and in many forms of expression. And I was thinking that its time to hear from You. What are your thoughts on Breast Cancer?…Read more What Are Your Thoughts About Breast Cancer?