Editor in chief : Najaam Lee Bring out the art, http://mkt.com/shopnlart Happy Monday yall. This week we kick off an uplifting online project call LOVE WEEK. It will fill you up and motivate you to go all out. To Love yourself by increasing your Confidence and raise your Self Esteem. LOVE WEEK is for everyone.…Read more GOSH! ABOUT : Its Love WEEK!

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GOSH!About: Chronic Pain and Sickle Cell Anemia!

GOSH!About: Chronic Pain and Sickle Cell Anemia! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Shop Art! http://mkt.com/shopnlart This month, I wanted to talk on chronic pain for the Sickle Cell Series.... I think the type of pain that we experience is one that is hard for many to comprehend plus perceive. Why? for the complexity of the…Read more GOSH!About: Chronic Pain and Sickle Cell Anemia!

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You May Be SNOWED IN, But There’s Lots To WATCH!

You May Be SNOWED IN, But There's Lots To WATCH! Editor in Chief- Najaam Lee Love Art? go check out NL ART NOW > http://mkt.com/shopnlart      The PATS WON!!!  and New England has the worst today in weather. The kids are home and the snow keeps piling up HIGH! So what is a girl…Read more You May Be SNOWED IN, But There’s Lots To WATCH!

WooHoo! I Love My Boobs and No-Boobs…

WooHoo! I Love My Boobs and No-Boobs... by Najaam Lee Divas For The Cure! Hey Goshers!!! Woohoo, its Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am so excited we are in October. We are doing something new on GOSH!About and at the Vedic Image Group. All month we will be discussing breast cancer; giving you loads of…Read more WooHoo! I Love My Boobs and No-Boobs…

Weird Wednesday

Weird Wednesday OMG!   Hey Ladies and Gents.. Okay so my work-vaca will be wrapping soon... BUT We got today, Weird Wednesday to check in and see what's going on. One thing that's weird that I want to point out is Rachel Zoe and baby #2. Yes, it's weird to me because ..... Let me…Read more Weird Wednesday

Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!

Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP! OMG! We are finally here. And I had a BLAST doing this amazing series! Go check out the videos on Colours in Vedic Fashion for my personal tips. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here .  For the Announcements: Since this wrap up, My Friday BEEF will be posted next Friday,…Read more Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!

Colour ORANGE in Vedic Fashion!

OMG! It's all about Tuesday! So let's jump right in. Orange is one of those colours that can get people to buy pretty much anything. Its a powerful colour and should be understood clearly how to wear it and use it. Its a seductive colour if worn right. If you have my book- Discovering Your FIT!,…Read more Colour ORANGE in Vedic Fashion!

Colour GREEN in Vedic Fashion!

OMG! Happy Wednesday! Lets get into the Colours of Vedic Fashion and their meanings. What would be the best colour for you to wear ? You are going to find out through this series. You have to understand the colours you wear and how they affect you. Such as your mood, attitude, your energy, as well as how it…Read more Colour GREEN in Vedic Fashion!

An Intimate BIJULES by Jules KIM

OMG! Thanks to A Shaded View for this interview with the star-jeweler Jules Kim, creator of BiJules. You have seen her amazing new dimension of rings on sooo many celebrities, especially Rihanna and Beyonce. This is such awesome futuristic, Matrix effect jewelry that I sooo love and You must have 🙂  Check out this intimate…Read more An Intimate BIJULES by Jules KIM

Get The Power LOOK!

OMG! Its Money Monday!!! Good morning #VedicDolls and #Poshies, Its all about the colour of power today for Money Monday and we want to make a power statement today using one main colour in the look. That colour is Green. I call it ' Spring Power Green ' because it has a softness about it…Read more Get The Power LOOK!