Editor in chief : Najaam Lee Bring out the art, http://mkt.com/shopnlart Happy Monday yall. This week we kick off an uplifting online project call LOVE WEEK. It will fill you up and motivate you to go all out. To Love yourself by increasing your Confidence and raise your Self Esteem. LOVE WEEK is for everyone.…Read more GOSH! ABOUT : Its Love WEEK!

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GOSH!About: Chronic Pain and Sickle Cell Anemia!

GOSH!About: Chronic Pain and Sickle Cell Anemia! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee Shop Art! http://mkt.com/shopnlart This month, I wanted to talk on chronic pain for the Sickle Cell Series.... I think the type of pain that we experience is one that is hard for many to comprehend plus perceive. Why? for the complexity of the…Read more GOSH!About: Chronic Pain and Sickle Cell Anemia!

July 4th BBQ & Fashion BOOM!

July 4th BBQ & Fashion BOOM! OMG! Its all about the red, white and blue. And AMERICA is not the only colour with this. Angullia, Cook Island, Chile, Cayman Island, Netherlands, Paraguay, Russia, Serbia, New Zealand, Panama, Montserrat, Liberia, Ice land, South Georgia, Figi, Cuba, Costa Rica, Australia, Bouvet Island, France, Czeck , UK, Croatia,…Read more July 4th BBQ & Fashion BOOM!