Catch Onto The RAINBOW!

Catch Onto The RAINBOW! OMG! It's been an early day here at VIG..much is going on, and here are the announcements If you haven't yet, the time is now to empower your life and accomplish the goals you set out for this year- 2013. Empower Your Life >> click here to receive all details: Have…Read more Catch Onto The RAINBOW!

July 4th BBQ & Fashion BOOM!

July 4th BBQ & Fashion BOOM! OMG! Its all about the red, white and blue. And AMERICA is not the only colour with this. Angullia, Cook Island, Chile, Cayman Island, Netherlands, Paraguay, Russia, Serbia, New Zealand, Panama, Montserrat, Liberia, Ice land, South Georgia, Figi, Cuba, Costa Rica, Australia, Bouvet Island, France, Czeck , UK, Croatia,…Read more July 4th BBQ & Fashion BOOM!

Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!

Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP! OMG! We are finally here. And I had a BLAST doing this amazing series! Go check out the videos on Colours in Vedic Fashion for my personal tips. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here¬†.¬† For the Announcements: Since this wrap up, My Friday BEEF will be posted next Friday,…Read more Colours in Vedic Fashion Wrap UP!

Colour BLUE in Vedic Fashion!

OMG! Happy Tuesday! Lets get into the Colours of Vedic Fashion and their meanings. What would be the best colour for you to wear ? You are going to find out through this series. You have to understand the colours you wear and how they affect you. Such as your mood, attitude, your energy, as…Read more Colour BLUE in Vedic Fashion!