GOSH!ABOUT: Adding Some Bling To Your Bra!

"... to review a really cool, sexy and bling-bling product that would add to your bra and sheer tops in your closet, plus a little bedroom action... "

Sustainable Fashion At KOTA

Sustainable Fashion At KOTA Editor in chief: Najaam Lee Photo credit: VICE MAGAZINE Decorate your home or office with NLART http://www.NajaamLeeArt.com Lifestyle Coaching/Speaking Engagements http://www.NajaamLee.com Snapchat me @najaamleeart My beauty secrets? Goo.gl/JevAuv !Subscribe to GOSH!About above>>    Follow us on Twitter.com/GoshAbout  https://youtu.be/gmbC_9c80d4 This is a highly anticipated event that is a Must attend. On May 25th at…Read more Sustainable Fashion At KOTA

GOSH!ABOUT: W-Magazine #ThePopIssue Goes BLACK!

GOSH!ABOUT: W-Magazine #ThePopIssue Goes BLACK! editor in chief: Najaam Lee Sign up on to RSVP LIST for upcoming exhibits: http://www.najaamleeart.com http://www.najaamlee.com The August issue of W- Magazine is out and I got mine in the mail and was happy to see @TarajiHenson on the cover, with an esq. 90's Janet Jackson look. But was really…Read more GOSH!ABOUT: W-Magazine #ThePopIssue Goes BLACK!

Today! Meet Artist & Activist Najaam Lee On The Social Scene With JZ

Today! Meet Artist & Activist Najaam Lee On The Social Scene With JZ Editor in chief: Najaam Lee Sign up to RSVP LIST for Tickets http://PAIN.najaamleeart.com http://www.NajaamLee.com Today, I'm on live for a interview on Social Scene With JZ podcast. Get inspired by my life, my art - How I've made my Sickle Cell Disease…Read more Today! Meet Artist & Activist Najaam Lee On The Social Scene With JZ

When Stuff Keeps Coming!

When Stuff Keeps Coming! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL Art- http://www.NajaamLee.com Sign Up on the Movement! Well well well, so we all heard and saw the tapes of Solange going 'buck-wild' on Jay Z. Jay really handled himself well and kept his cool. I know if it was any of us in that exact…Read more When Stuff Keeps Coming!

Hey Naj?!

http://youtu.be/MnisjqFbfms Stay locked on http://www.youtube.com/user/vedicimage for our new show " Hey Naj?! " tomorrow...Episode 2 airs tomorrow. Subscribe to our channel and never miss another episode. To get your questions answered, please send them to vedicimagegroupma@gmail;.com