Boston Shows Off Their Plus-Size STYLE!

OMG! Hey Poshies, So as you know, the Vedic Image Group has expanded its fashion styling and image consulting services into New England, the state of sports and hot athletes. This past weekend I attended the C'est Manifique F/W 2012 fashion show in downtown Boston on the fashionable- Newbury Street. I have heard a lot about…Read more Boston Shows Off Their Plus-Size STYLE!

My Christmas OUTFIT?

OMG! Hey Poshies! So the X-mas holiday is sooo around the corner that it isn't funny! Do you have your outfit ready, and put together? NO?!!! Ok! Calm down, you still have some time. Xmas is a warm, cheerful theme with lots of candle lights, tree lights flickering in every room. Which is excellent in…Read more My Christmas OUTFIT?

Styling With Storm SANDY!

OMG! Hello my poshies. Ok its Money Monday, its storming -- HARD! and even though its gloomy, wet and so not good to be outside, we still want to look GOOD... right? No bumming around lets brighten up your day 🙂 WE GO TOGETHER- Vogue China March 2012- 50s Inspiration is a perfect theme for…Read more Styling With Storm SANDY!

Finale Is Number ……

WHO Are You Wearing This SPRING? #10 and the choice is #2 Proenza Schouler ( side note: sad that no one else participated...but hey ) I and my friends love Proenza's Spring Summer 2012 Collection too, so because of the strength of the name and the extra love of details that packs in Proenza, a…Read more Finale Is Number ……

Stephane Rolland Couture 2012

OMG!  Did someone say..... STEPHANE ROLLAND? If you don't know whom I am speaking, watch the incredible magic below> Now that you've watched the incredible dress designs flow down the catwalk, tell me what do you think? Isn't he a must have in your wardrobe? .. OMG! did you see the shoes? If you…Read more Stephane Rolland Couture 2012


Oddly enough today feels like a Monday!... uggg! On my mind this morning is the next fashion ___________... yea, fill in the blanks. So shall we go onto the real show of this article. LANVIN 2012 Paris Fashion Week I just loved the simplistic- edgy of Lanvin's new collection.  It had pops of chunky sparkles that…Read more Taking FASHION

TinkerBell World of ISSEY MIYAKE SS2012– PARIS

I just entered a new realm of gnomes, pixies and fairies. Breathtaking! every fabric flowed like little wings in flight. Pops of bright colours, prints yet soft and delicate like a flower. petal like hats that sit to the side of your head carried gradients of 2 colours. His whole collection was just GORGEOUS! It is a…Read more TinkerBell World of ISSEY MIYAKE SS2012– PARIS