Fashion Fridays!

Fashion Fridays! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART coming Summer'14... Sign up for the Scoop   We are doing something new here on Gosh! About called " Fashion Fridays! ", where we will show some cool fashions from creative, artistic people through StyleLikeU. Featured this week is a hot new fresh face, Reign…Read more Fashion Fridays!

Banging Past Age 60!

Banging Past Age 60! by Najaam Lee #SelebrateNajART 2014...   Kicking off our week, the well-inspired genius who has inspired so many generations from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and beyond... Some have even stole blatantly from this mega-star and claim as their own. Won't name names - Gaga- but we know who they are. She is definitely…Read more Banging Past Age 60!

Why I Dis-Like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week This Season…

Why I Dis-Like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week This Season... OMG!   Hey Goshers! Yes! I so know.. Fashion Week is like " Gone with the Wind! " and child, I am so over it. Look, for all coverage since Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has taken over a new position when it comes to talk, share,…Read more Why I Dis-Like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week This Season…


Double TUESDAY! OMG! Janelle Monae to hit the Minkoff Runway! Yes that's right. She will be singing - Live, her Electric Lady song for the runway. This must be spectacular for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York,  plus Janelle is the newest cover girl as well. Slam Dunk!   Fashion Week kicks off this week…Read more Double TUESDAY!

The BIG News Is OUT!

The BIG News Is OUT! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OMG! I am so excited by this announcement Goshers that it has brought tears to my eyes. Its a new evolution of myself and my company The Vedic Image Group and being on the edge of the wave of internet space. And I am so happy to bring this…Read more The BIG News Is OUT!

Who Did We Catch On The RED Carpet at CANNES? …

Who Did We Catch On The RED Carpet at CANNES? ... OMG! Hey It's OOTD Thursday at GOSH!About and I am thrilled to have come across one of my fave Designers piece at Cannes this year. Can you guess who? Okay before we go there some cool announcements 🙂 1. Did you know we…Read more Who Did We Catch On The RED Carpet at CANNES? …

OOTD Thursday and Preview!

OOTD Thursday!   OMG! I got a review for you on a Just Fab shoes! Great style for all year outings to somewhere special. From Cocktails to formal dinners to everything in between. Check out the video below   Preview to Friday Beef! Dark Girls via OWN   Its Here.. Get in on it now……Read more OOTD Thursday and Preview!

Its Double TUESDAY!

OMG! BIG Announcements: Its Here.. Get in on it now... How to Empower-Power Your Life This Summer... click here M.I.A. is in the HOUSE!!! Back with a new single -- Bring The Noize.. watch it here Finally Back! Sorry for the absence 😦 Here we go! Its Double TUESDAY! Its been a crazy week for…Read more Its Double TUESDAY!

Money Monday… What to wear for an important dinner?

OMG! It's Money Monday! ... What to wear for an important dinner? Going to an important dinner. Don't know what to wear. Quick Announcement: Free Sign up for more info on Summer 13 Lifestyle Coaching Program, click here Dinner is usually a 4 or 5 course meal. Its a process and series of mini sessions to…Read more Money Monday… What to wear for an important dinner?