YE OR NAY? Editor in chief: Najaam Lee Photo credit: HYPEBEAST/YEEZY COLLECTION 5 Did you know about this? *Click that Subscribe Button: http://www.GoshAbout.com  Join us on SnapChat: http://snapchat.com/add/GoshAbout Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/GoshAbout ========================================== Take a look at the collection below and decide with Ye or Nay in the Comment section below: ### Thanks so…Read more GOSH!ABOUT: YEEZY SZN 5

GOSH!About: BALMAIN’S Storm Hit Paris Fashion Week HARD!

"... BALMAIN shut the runways down with their ..."

GOSH!About: Milan Kicking Cool Menswear’16-17

"... OMG! ..Mac-Daddy Trench coats are in ... MFW"

NORDIC Inspirations

NORDIC Inspirations Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee SHOP Sales:  50% OFF  http://www.squareup.com/market/SHOPNLART I am inspired by the newest collection of OPI through their video interpretation. All ART Expression. WATCH credit: "NORDIC COLLECTION" by OPI Fall 2014 by Fashion Channel As always, MORE is to come so stay locked here by Subscribing Now. Follow me on…Read more NORDIC Inspirations

Owning Your POWER!

Owning Your POWER! Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee NL ART Exhibition Summer 2014- Sign Up Now! http://www.NajaamLee.com   This month Beyonce graces the cover of OUT Magazine with a beautiful Marilyn Monroe look. A topless shot with her hands covering her breasts. Its simple yet a powerful statement. The statement of Power and Ownership. In…Read more Owning Your POWER!

Putting Your Gut On Display (Explicit)

Putting Your Gut On Display (Explicit) Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee http://www.NajaamLee.com TRACEY EMIN, pop artist, born and raised in London, England, is very well-known for her erotic- pop-shock-art. I encountered Tracey's art through the controversial piece called " The Tent " which is basically names of all the men, lovers she has ever slept between…Read more Putting Your Gut On Display (Explicit)

Retna … Retna … RETNA!

Retna ... Retna ... RETNA! by Najaam Lee   Back in the grind! #MoneyMonday Wednesday is Hey Naj?! ...don't miss out on Episode 2 on http://www.youtube.com/user/vedicimage Today's post is all about Retna! Who is Retna? Smashing hits in the art world, Retna, born in Los Angelos, CA. is a legend graffiti artist of the 1990s'…Read more Retna … Retna … RETNA!

Did You Get Your MAMMOGRAM-AH?!

Did You Get Your MAMMOGRAM-AH?! by Najaam Lee Divas For The Cure! Ok! So time to get a little serious, but still have a twist of fun while doing it. Let's talk about the BIG M. Yes, Mammogram. OMG! do we really? Yes sweetie, we gotta. The more informed you are, the better towards a…Read more Did You Get Your MAMMOGRAM-AH?!