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Robert Kelly

Disclaimer: This is not about taking sides, this is to give another view point since society is easily swayed, without doing their personal research and/or not personally knowing a person.

Since the release of the Lifetime Documentary of “Surviving R. Kelly” , its become a frantic media frenzy, multitude of lies, stabbing from both sides, the cast of the doc vs R. Kelly and his team. It’s interesting to watch how this has swayed the public into viewing, judging another life when all their job from the beginning was to make music, sing and perform. How did becoming a singer gave the public any rights to your entire life?

I’m going to speak from a spiritual perspective, and really see what’s truly happening. This is not about taking sides, but reflecting from the position of another shoe, and the pubic gaze. What’s dark about this is all the celebrity public apologies coming out for even being associated with Robert Kelly. I laugh because in the beginning of his career, everyone was fighting to work with R. To have his vocals on their records, to have his lyrics, his video ideas, etc… I remember when he brought the Chicago 2 Step to the forefront, and have beautiful elder black couples dance in his videos. Why knock his talents and gifts? They are true, real, this was our introduction to R. Kelly the singer, writer, producer, actor. Therefore, we cannot knock down this away. Also, he came here through a gateway that raised him well before passing. Somewhere in that, she saw potential in a being that was probably missing a solid male figure in his life.

This is about looking to a core of a person first and foremost before the mess and chaos surrounding them.

Now, lets take a look at society as a whole, which has been divided,and refuse to take any kind of responsibility in their actions in this, muchless their own life! Blame game is easy.

So let’s look, every female who encountered with R. Kelly did not fall for him. Maybe admired him, his talents, music, but that’s it. Now, the cast in this movie, were somewhat naive and full of imagination, and wishing, hoping to get a piece of R. Kelly in anyway possible. In the 90s, you had groupies, especially girls, who would do anything to get back stage, get on the tour buses, get into an artists hotel, force themselves to be around that artist day in and day out. Eat with them, drink with them, party with them, be in the videos with them, have sex with them, and do anything the artist may ask of them to do without hesitation. AND, many will say where were their parents? God Damnit , use your common sense. Did YOU tell your mom or dad every single place you went to? Did you ever lied, sneaked out the house, to go to a house party, concert, etc…?? Stop playing the ignorant card, and act as if you were never a teenager!!!

At some point as a teen, you know right from wrong. And we cannot sit here and think these women or when they were young teens, did not know this. They, yes, must take responsibility for their actions in this mess they attached themselves to.

R. Kelly, as wanting to move on with his life, and bury this dark part. He cannot, not until he takes responsibility for his actions too. Because, in fact, he was older. Maybe not mature, but definitely older.

So what is to come from this documentary,since all the cast members received a bank load for every allegation they made against R. Kelly. You took shut up money. So now, after doing that, what more you want? Is this another way of Entrapment or Blackmail or another paycheck? what is it that you want to happen?

Lets look in the boxes now. A black man sent to jail for being with a teen girl, yet another white man who has done the exact same thing to many young teens and women in Hollywood, gets a slap on the wrist, and gets off. Yet, is anyone doing anything about it? NO! So the #metoo started by a black woman which lent its arms to white women especially in Hollywood. I have to ask, you went to auditions, was asked to come back. Why did you return alone to a motel, their house, etc? Why did you say yes to their ultimatum regarding getting a Part in a movie vs Your Dignity? Why did you accept the drink? Its an audition not becoming a Playmate!

What happened using common sense and say No, no matter whats said?

The public needs to stop assuming a person must change their character to please them once they are famous. That is straight ignorance and stupidity on your part. For making someone into an idol for your pleasing eyes. They are doing a job, like R. Kelly’s job is making music and sing, which is a product for sale. That’s it. It’s not about their whole life, just like you. Stop making it more than it is. Stop placing all these high, over the top expectations onto someone, because in the end they will disappoint you. Period.

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