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Check this out. If you are going to be in San Francisco, California on May 18, 2018, you’ve got to attend this event. We at GOSH! ABOUT are super excited!!!

For the first time the WIND-UP WATCH FAIR will be held on the West Coast in San Francisco’s Chandran Gallery this year.
Company, Worn & Wound are the leading resource for watch news and commentary on well-crafted, value-driven timepieces from independent watch brands around the world, have been holding this event on the East Coast each year, but will open their doors to the west coast.

Worn & Wound’s Wind-Up Watch Fair, is a three-day watch culture event, that’s free and opened to the pubic, featuring a range of curated watch brands and accessories. Coming from New York City after its successful third year, it offers an exciting and engaging
environment, encouraging everyone from seasoned fans, to curious passersby to come in, take a look and talk watches.

Co-founder of Worn & Wound and Wind-Up Watch Fair, Zach Weiss said:

“Building on the incredible success of our original New York event, we wanted to bring Wind-Up to the watch enthusiasts on the West Coast… Until now, there’s been no large-scale watch event in California. We’re excited to be the first.”

The following are the sponsors for WIND-UP WATCH FAIR:

Oris (Lead Sponsor) – Over 100 years old and still an independent, Oris is a staple in Swiss-made watches. With a focus on value, original designs and clever mechanics, Oris has a watch that will suit just about every collector.

Autodromo (Feature Sponsor) – producing watches inspired by vintage automobiles, Autodromo is the exclusive watch partner of Ford Motor Company for the 2018 Ford GT.

Junghans (Feature Sponsor) – leading manufacturer of German wristwatches, with several iconic lines currently in production, including the Max Bill, Meister, and Meister Pilot lines.

Tockr (Feature Sponsor) – Based in Austin, TX but manufactured in Switzerland, Tockr is a new-comer with a series of watches based on C-47 radial engines. Their mix of complex, high finish dials and robust sporty cases gives them a unique appeal.

Here’s a list of participating brands that will be at WIND-UP WATCH FAIR in San Francisco:

  • Worn & Wound
  • ADPT Straps
  • Autodromo
  • Baltic
  • Bespoke Watch Projects
  • Bravur
  • Collins Watch Company
  • Dietrich
  • Dufrane
  • Everest
  • Formex
  • Gavox
  • Itay Noy
  • Junghans
  • Juvo
  • Klokers
  • Mercer
  • Melbourne
  • Monta Watch
  • Oris
  • Ralf Tech
  • Raven
  • REC
  • Seals Watch Company
  • Those Watch Guys
  • Tockr
  • Vero
  • Vortic

In addition to the full weekend exhibitions, special promotions and activation will be featured throughout the fair. Worn & Wound’s Wind-Up Watch Fair is made possible by lead sponsor Oris Watches, and additional support from Autodromo, Junghans and Tockr.

About Worn & Wound

Worn & Wound is a leading resource for watch reviews and commentary on beautifully designed and well-crafted watches. Both, watch enthusiasts and new collectors, will discover something new through in-depth discussions, beautiful original photography, video reviews, guides and much more. At Worn & Wound, we celebrate the entire breadth of the watch industry, from the largest Swiss brand to the smallest independent. We see watches not just as mechanical wonders but as the quintessential accessory to a design and fashion conscious lifestyle.

For more information please visit http://wornandwound.com/windup/ or @wornandwound on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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