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Up & Coming Fashion Designers Showcase at NextOnScene Event 2017

Editor in chief: Najaam Lee
Photo & Video Credit:  Najaam Lee for NLART PRODUCTIONS

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On April 1, 2017, at the Venu Boston, NextOnScene put an event together featuring Up and Coming Fashion Designers out of Boston and the launch of the print magazine, NextonScene Spring 2017 Issue, which is owned and operated by Jaclyn Zukerman of JZ Social Enterprises, LLC. Jaclyn who is originally from New York started in radio and quickly grew her following, putting on great events since moving to Boston, MA.

Venu Boston is a beautiful setting for many events. I truly loved their interior design and esthetics. The official show began at 7:30 pm and opened with a country singer based in New York,  Brooke Moriber, who opened the show with 3 performances.

With all the anticipation around this show, I was truly looking forward to the Boston upcoming talent selected for this Spring 2017 fashion show, which showcased The Lucky Onez, Queens Know, Lalla Bee, Timeless Bridal Creations and Giblees Menswear.

Watch the event coverage here:

After the show, I must say, I was truly disappointed. As many of you know, we at GOSH!ABOUT attend a lot of fashion shows from top designers to up and coming designers, and with this showcase, they were not ready to show garments. This is about building a solid name of your brand. If this was to be shown to a team of buyers from Macy’s, Nordstroms, Sears etc.. would you really show these collections?

I did have a few industry contacts of ours take a look at a few clips, and their responses were very poor.

One thing that many of them said was…” they are not thinking about their customers on a full scale.”

Well, Fall/Winter season is upon us, so there is a window of time to go back to the drawing board and create a better collection. Everything takes practice and growth and truly critiquing one’s work to excel forward. It doesn’t matter how new you are to the game or how long of a veteran, continued growth is always needed.



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