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Proud to be a woman celebrating the month of March of Women’s His-Herstory.

On March 18th, 2017 at the La Maison d’Art in Harlem, New York, the 5th Annual Women Empowerment Event kicked off. Kim Mazzella, the founder of the Life Guidance Center, opened the festivities. She is a Healer, Spiritual Coach and Writer. Welcome and opening remarks by Melimel,  Founder and CEO of Digital Art Design. Author and poet, Audrey Dimola, performed a beautiful spoken-word piece that got the crowd moving.

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All attendees were Women with women-owned businesses. Guest appearance of Gayle Brewer, Manhattan Borough President lent her support and gave a positive statement. We enjoyed some nice appetisers including Mac and Cheese, Small Cuban Sandwiches, Jerk Chicken by Clean Plate and wine at La Maison d’Art Harlem,  plus some sweet cupcakes provided by Counting Cakes. A diverse panel of 3 moderated by Melimel shared their expertise, trials and tribulations plus knowledge about their careers.

Description of each panellist:

  • Yesi Morillo-Gual, President & Founder, Proud To Be Latina and Executive Director. Besides her busy life, she manages a for-profit organisation with her fourth degree along being a TEDx speaker, author and empowerment expert.
  • Stacey J. Grossman, an attorney for many years specialise in trademarks and copyrights and her own firm since 2014.  Before forming her own firm, she was VP and Associate General Counsel at New Corporation.
  • Dr.Rhonda N. Cambridge-Phillip, a Physician and Author. She has been a doctor for 20 years at Kings County. She published Bye, Bye Cancer!, that shows how powerful role that nutritional supplements that can play in the prevention and healing of cancer


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