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Self Development

Editor in chief: Najaam Lee
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Spring is here even though it does NOT feel nor look like it, especially here in the North East. Our life must still move forward.

Spring Season brings a shift, a necessary change, and a necessary cleansing to clear and free our pathways. It’s that Winter FAT that we tend to gain during the cold- winter months which is needed to protect your body from the frigid cold and damp air. But, we also gain fat on our mind and emotions. We gain a heaviness which brings doubt, laziness, confusing, sluggishness, and fear. It can stop you from doing the right thing and most importantly it can stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.

This season begins the path of Self Development, which means putting the time to spend with yourself and truly get to know, grow, enhance and empower yourself. Most people will make excuses to not spend time with self in a manner to improve oneself. Why? most are distracted by our cell phones, internet, TV, radio or music app, etc… We tend to keep busy doing nothing to truly advancing of the mind.

For example, reading a chapter from a hard or soft cover book is truly daunting to so many people. Did you know that reading One chapter a day can actually exercise the eyes, the brain, the nervous system and create more skillset in a person? Just 1 chapter a day. It truly can improve many parts of your health!

Watch the video above, take notes and we are going to continue this journey of Self Development.


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