Album Review On The Weeknd’s STARBOY

Editor in chief: Najaam Lee
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The old Weeknd has been killed off and the new born The Weeknd is here with a new hair cut, new fashion, new style, new album. The first video dropped was False Alarm, created in a video game style of cat and mouse chase with robbery, kidnap, and getting away from the cops, to finally losing the girl and The Weeknd ending his life.

The Weeknd, born Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, to Ethiopian parents,  is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer, signed to XO-REPUBLIC.  From the age of eleven he was smoking Marijuana, then later moved on to hard drugs. He has credited devising his stage name following dropping out of high school in 2007, adopting the name “The Weeknd” after he and a friend “left school” one weekend and never came home”. The spelling was modified to avoid trademark issues with the Canadian band The Weekend, although producer Jeremy Rose claims the name was his idea.


His music process is like a smoked-swirling galaxy. His need to use other substance to help him create music is a dependency he continues to use, even with this new album “StarBoy“. But, you have to give it to him; this project is well made and is a soundtrack of his own life but is quite relatable to millions of young teens worldwide. His concerts are sold-out with the echos of the audience reciting every lyric of every song. This album is about heartache, love, looking back at past relationships and what kind of love he desires in the future. I think we ALL can relate to this subject. The sounds are pop-disco-rnb-with a bit of hiphop. My favourite tracks on the album are ” Nothing Without You”, “Stargirl Interlude” featuring Lana Del Rey, and “Secrets”. 

The Weeknd poured his soul into this StarBoy project and you can hear in his voice, sounds, lyrics and melodies. StarBoy is available everywhere.

At GOSH!ABOUT, we give StarBoy   5 Star rating    10646235-gold-star10646235-gold-star10646235-gold-star 10646235-gold-star10646235-gold-star


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