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DAWN is back with her newest project called REDEMPTION, which dropped on November 18th, 2016. We are all still waiting for the first set of video visuals to come through, but the album is off the chain! Dawn has done an amazing job with the new sounds, direction, visual stills for her album.

DAWN ( aka Dawn Richard) is someone you cannot categorize for she is always reinventing herself and innovating new sounds and art in such a huge way. Her sound is a mashup of RnB, Pop and Tech. She is very future forward. Plus, doing this all on her own as an Independent Artist. The girl is truly a BOSS.


If you have never heard of Dawn Richard, shame on you. Dawn has been around since being on P.Diddy’s MTV Show “Making The Band 3” to being one of the members of the group, Danity Kane, and has gone on to writing songs for many artists, to dropping hits with her own projects.

One of my favourite tracks off Redemption is “Voices“, her vocals stand out beautifully with a willow whisp to her sound. She has definitely found not only herself but also her mountain top in the music industry and its remarkable.

The track, “Lazarus” is produced with a very pop tech and video game track which goes so well with her vocals. Its a fun, sensual vibe that you can cruise in your car listening to or in the clubs!

She has many hit songs on this album and I know she has hundreds and hundreds of tracks that we wish was on REDEMPTION.

Go listen to and buy the new album REDEMPTION by DAWN now on TIDAL, on Itunes, or on NPR   and  BandCamp.

We give REDEMPTION a 4.5 Star rating    10646235-gold-star10646235-gold-star10646235-gold-star10646235-gold-star10646235-gold-star




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