MIA Dropped Her New Album AIM

Editor in chief: Najaam Lee
Photo credit: MIA/ Google

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9/9/9 or 999 sequence in numbers is deeper than just a date to drop an album and MIA’s calculation on launching her latest project AIM on September, 9, 2016 is more about an under current atomic attack that is erupting deep in layers of the core, creating tremors that before you know it, an explosion bursts through that will never be able to tame. I’m talking about the infamous, super star refugee MIA.

I’ve been a fan of Maya Arulpragasam since hearing her 2004 project – Piracy Funds Terrorism, a mix-tape by her and Diplo. It was unlike anything heard on the planet at the time. If you never even heard the word terrorism, you learned about it through listening to this album. It was hot, frightening yet super powerful especially coming from a Woman, but not just any woman, a female of colour, an immigrant , a refugee who knew the world of war. Her lyrics were killing top American rappers with some real sh*t.

This new album, AIM, speaks on current political events ironically, like with her song BORDERS, which is so much on the immigration situation and this ignition of building a wall, as stated by US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump! Her new single with ZAYN, called FREEDUN , is a play on words that she is forever known for. Freedom is Done-Free, I’m already free, or does Freedom really exist or we’re not Free yet? She makes you ask yourself inner questions to making you see a new perspective of things. Its not straight talk, but rather poetically spoken for you to vibe and think.

Check out MIA’s new album AIM now on Tidal, Itunes and on her website  http://miauk.com/



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