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HOTSHOT Relieves Muscle Cramps

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On Thursday July 21, 2016, I attended the FLEX HOUR Cocktail Event hosted by FLEXPharma at the Prudential Towers in Boston, MA.

This was a packed house with some of the biggest names of the BioTech Industry in attendance. Flex Hour  featured a drink called HOTSHOT™ a newly released sports drink scientifically proven to prevent and treat muscle cramps. We were served beautiful cocktails, samples of HOTSHOT and tasty o’dourves. To speak on this highly anticipated product were:

Flex Scientific Co-founder & Harvard Professor: Dr.Bruce Bean
· Flex SAB Member & Concert Pharma CEO: Roger Tung
· Flex SAB Member & Biogen Chief Medical Officer:  Al Sandrock
Flex SAB Member & Harvard Professor/MGH Physician: John Winkelman
· JMP Securities Managing Director & Senior Biotech Analyst: Mike King
· Pura Vida Investments Research Analyst: David DeMartino
· Lightstone Ventures Partner:Jean George
· Two passionate endurance athletes who regularly use HOTSHOT™

As you will see in the clip, I had a chance to meet with the co-founder of HOTSHOT, Dr.Bruce Bean, who has been working on this particular product for 8 years, which is finally on market for everyone to purchase ( http://www.teamhotshot.com/ ). He expressed how he suffered with terrible muscle cramps which lead him to dig deeper into finding solutions.

What is Muscle Cramps?

According to WEBMD,

The muscles of your calf or foot suddenly become hard, tight, and extremely painful. You are having a muscle cramp.

Sometimes called charley horses — particularly when they are in the calf muscles — cramps are caused by muscle spasms, involuntary contractions of one or more muscles. In addition to the foot and calf muscles, other muscles prone to spasms include the front and back of the thigh, the hands, arms, abdomen, and muscles along the rib cage.

Almost everyone experiences muscle cramps, which come without warning

Many say muscle cramps can be resolved with drinking more fluids, especially adding in more electrolytes, or doing massages. But what Dr. Bruce Bean and his team found is that there’s something else going on and that’s the nerves slow stimulation. If fully activating the nerves, as well as the fire in the body, can promote a higher and faster stimulation which will trigger a release in the muscle cramps. After many years of research and trials, HOTSHOT organic ingredients was the blend that made drastic changes within a window of 5 minutes.

Many shared their testimony, from members of Flex Pharma, Investors in the HOTSHOT product, to Athletes of which one ran in the New York City Marathon this past weekend.

 About FlexPharma


Dr. Rod MacKinnon, a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist/endurance athlete, the invention of HOTSHOT was personal.

After surviving life threatening muscle cramps while deep sea kayaking off the coast of Cape Cod, he discovered that existing cramp remedies – that target the muscle – didn’t work. Calling upon his Nobel Prize-winning expertise on ion channels, Rod reasoned that preventing and treating cramps began with focusing on the nerve, not the muscle.

Five years of scientific research later, Rod has perfected HOTSHOT, the kick-ass, proprietary formulation of organic ingredients, powerful enough to stop muscle cramps where they start. At the nerve.

Today, Rod’s genius solution has created a new category in sports nutrition: Neuro Muscular Performance (NMP). It’s how an athlete’s nerves and muscles work together in an optimal way. HOTSHOT boosts your NMP to stop muscle cramps. So you can push harder, train longer and finish stronger.

Right now they are offering an introductory trial offer at www.teamhotshot.com Check it out!






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